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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


Yoncopin is the local name for the American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea), a large water lily that grows 
exclusively in areas of the Mississippi River Valley. Though it is not found in this region, legend has it that 
the flower once bloomed in the marshy areas around campus, including the sleepy, silver bayou 
remembered in the Alma Mater. 

Centenary's yearbook adopted the flower's name with its first publication in 1922, following the suggestion 
of Elizabeth Burgess, a Centenary student. Elizabeth, a staff writer for the school newspaper and 
Associate Editor of the yearbook, chose the name because she found the Yoncopin flower to be 
emblematic of the "strength and beauty" she saw in Centenary. 

The flower continues to thrive in certain areas of the Mississippi River Valley, and on rare, remarkable 
occasions, its beauty and strength can still be found in the silver, sleepy bayou just as it was almost 90 
years ago with the Yoncopin ' s first publication. j 

2911 Centenary Boulevard 
Shreveport, LJk 71 104 

Volume 84 

In Retrospect 

Jostens Printing and Publishing 

2010 Yoncopin Editorial Board 

Emily Heugatter, Faculty Adviser 
Michelle Junot, Editor-in-Chief 
Nicole Popp, Assistant Editor 
Jordan Pope, Chief Photographer 
Meg Shanks, Copy Editor 
Lauren Paynes, Business Manager 

2010 Yoncopin Staff Members 

Christopher Youngblood 
Shelby Thoma 
Lauren McCarty 

Special Thanks & Photo Credit 

Centenary's Marketing and Communications Department 

Rick DelaHaya 
Donna Bartholomew 
Sherry Heflin 

Christian Leadership Center 

Laura Vaughan 


Allison McClain 
Karen Weaver 

Oi^rDm^, Our Me^M, Our Friend 


€8 thtrcducticn 



^^^^^ ^^» 


tudent Life 


m wm 

W , 



m !^M Hi ^B ^0 ^^ 



.-Kjam aaa© f 





In Cetrcspect * 

Every fall, first year students receive a medallion 
as they leave President's Convocation, and 
every spring seniors become alumni as they 
receive diplomas at Centenary's Annual 
Commencement. The events between those two 
ceremonies, however, are never the same as the 
previous year nor will they mirror the next This 
year, the first under the leadership of President 
B. David Rowe, was no exception. 

The Class of 2013 experienced Centenary's first 
Best Week Ever, previously known as 
Orientation, and was deemed the "Best Class 
Ever" by President Rowe. The Centenary 
Community was shocked and saddened by the 
untimely death of beloved Dean Womack in early 
fall and came together to celebrate his life and 
mourn his death. The community continued to 
face difficult times when many staff members 
were let go and 22 majors cut. Despite the 
uncertainty of Centenary during this transition 
period, every Let the Good Times Roll during the 
2010 Homecoming Celebration: Laissez les bon 
temps rouler! 

The Yoncopin's theme this year, In Retrospect, 
was developed amid big changes in Centenary's 
structure, academics, and morale. While some 
decisions were difficult to make and confusing 
to accept, Yoncopin believes that with time and 
in retrospect yNB will gain a greater 
understanding and acceptance of Centenary's 
changes, and Centenary will be better for them. 
So grab a cup of Starbucks' finest, find a comfy 
chair, and en\oy '^ov^(f\wiO\0,Dw^\ix>&ffcc\, 



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Photos are from President 
Rowe's Reception in 
Hamilton Hall. 

Inauguration photos and 
story on page 66 

Centenary Press Release 

The nations' oldest liberal arts college west of the Mississippi River welcomed its newest president 
Monday, August 3 when members of the staff and faculty greeted Dr. B. David Rowe to the 184-year 
old institution. 1^ 

During an early-morning reception in his honor at Hamilton Hall, Dr. Rowe addressed members of 
the Centenary community, saying that he has been waiting for this day for the last couple of months 
and is excited that it has finally arrived. 

"I am pleased and delighted to be here," said Rowe. "I am humbled by your selection to be the next 
president of Centenary College. This is a great institution and we have some great days ahead. I 
appreciate you taking time this morning to welcome me." ; 

The Centenary College Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Rowe as the 30th 
president of Centenary College of Louisiana in May 2009, and succeeds Dr. Ken Schwab who earlier 
this year announced his retirement. He has served for the past nine years as the Vice President for 
Advancement at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Ga. wmEm^ 

According to the new President, he is looking forward to being part of the team here and helping to 
find ways to advance Centenary into the future. He also admitted that he has a lot of learning to do 
"right off the bat" and wants to get feedback and comments not only from those assembled but 
everyone on campus on how to make Centenary a better place for those attending the institution. 

"I want to get my ears in tune with what you see are the greatest needs of the institution and the 
greatest possibilities of the institution," Rowe added. "Please don't hesitate to let me know what 
you think I need to know... .let me know what you think are the greatest needs of Centenary College 
and what are the greatest possibilities for Centenary College." 

He also took a moment to reflect on the recent loss of a young girl from Shreveport's First Baptist 
Church who recently passed away and with whom many Centenary community members have close 
ties to. Pausing, Dr. Rowe asked that everyone present take a moment to remember her and her 
family in their prayers and to think about the privilege that those working at the College are given 
everyday to help young people fulfill their dreams and their promise. 

"We get distracted by so many other things that seem important at the time... but at the end of the 
day, we have a very important privilege and responsibility to carry out, and that is to intersect the 
lives of families as they entrust their young sons and daughters to our care," said Rowe. "We have 
an opportunity and an obligation to listen with our hearts about what their dreams are, what their 
aspirations are, and to help them envision what their possibilities and futures are." 

"Let's use this moment of clarity, this moment of priorities, this moment of knowing what is truly 
important in life to focus in on what we do each and every day in caring for the young people that 
cross the Centenary campus. If we keep that as our central focus, if all of us are focused on that 
one singular mission, we can't help but do the right thing, not only for each of those students, but 
cumulatively for this institution. Thank you for what you do, what you have been doing and what 
you will do. Please let me know what I can do so that I can help you succeed but also those young 
people to succeed." 

Rowe, who turned 44 in June, is a Texas native and ordained United Methodist minister who has 
distinguished himself in higher education circles. He received his undergraduate degree in 
chemistry from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, his Master of Divinity from Emory 
University and his Ph.D. in higher education from Georgia State University. He and his wife, Jodi, 
have two sons. Carter and Philip. 

Centenary Press Release 

David Womack, Dean of Students at Centenary College, died suddenly and unexpectedly 
August 29, 2009 at approximately 1 p.m. from unknown causes. 

Dean Womack had been at Centenary since September 2008 and was responsible for the 
oversight of the departments of Career Services, Student Life programs and activities, Fit- 
ness Center operations. Residence Life, Health Services and College Counseling. 

"The entire Centenary community is deeply saddened at this sudden and tragic loss, " said Dr 
David Rowe, president of Centenary College. "David was a colleague, a mentor and a friend 
to many on this campus and others throughout the community. He made a lasting impression 
on our campus in the short time he was here at Centenary and he will be deeply missed." 

Womack came to Centenary with more than 20 years of experience in higher education 
administration. Before assuming his current position, he was the Dean of Student Develop- 
ment at Millikin University in Decatur, III. 

Womack also had 13 years of experience as a trainer and programmer in the areas of cultural 
diversity. He served as a consultant on diversity training and volunteer programs at many col- 
leges and universities. Womack published numerous articles in the area of retention, fresh- 
man experience and diversity awareness. 

Womack also presented at numerous national conferences on various topics including "The 
Role of Student Personnel Administrators in Black Student Retention," "The Multi-Racial Stu- 
dent Experience" and "How to Start a Volunteer Service Program at Your Institution." 

He was a graduate of Lock Haven University and earned a master's degree in Counseling/ 
Student Personnel from Western Maryland College. 

Dean Womack is survived by his wife Elizabeth Henning, and his four children, Donovan, 
Tyler, Mason and Landon. Womack was 49. 







> • 

• #• 


Division I to Division 

Centenary Press Release 

The Centenary College Board of Trustees 
voted on July 21, 2009 to reposition Cente- 
nary athletics into Division III. 

The vote followed a decision and subse- 
quent directive by the Board of Trustees in 
its May 2008 meeting to leave the Division I 
Summit Conference and pursue other more 
. geographically advantageous conferences. 
"*' The College is scheduled to compete in the 
a Summit League for two more years with no 
scholarship affected as a result of reclas- 
^ sification to Division III during the transition 

"This is one part of an overall wide-ranging 
plan which will be implemented by incom- 
ing President Dr. David Rowe," said Ed 
Crawford, Board of Trustees Acting Chair- 
man. "Centenary must and will restructure 
its overall strategy to achieve financial and 
academic stability. We on the Board look 
forward to working with President Rowe as 
he helps rebuild an even more firmly estab- 
lished Centenary College as a leading insti- 
tution of higher education in the South and in 
the nation." 

The outcome of the vote by the Board will 
reclassify the College into a division which 
better reflects the mission, education phi- 
losophy and financial structure of smaller lib- 
eral arts programs such as Centenary's. The 
vast majority of students and families that 
choose Centenary College do so because 
of its tradition and reputation for academic 

Centenary Announces 

Staff Reductions 

Centenary Press Release 

In an effort to balance the budget for the 
2009-10 academic year, Centenary College 
of Louisiana is reducing its staff by 1 5 percent 
effective immediately. 

President David Rowe announced October 
12, 2009 that the College is undertaking the 
reductions as a responsible approach to cur- 
rent economic challenges and the changing 
needs of the College. This is the first phase of 
an overall budget restructuring plan. 

Administrative departments throughout the 
campus will absorb the duties of the approxi- 
mately 25 positions that will be eliminated. 
The reduction in personnel will ultimately 
result in the reorganization of several depart- 
ments within the College where some staff 
members will be reassigned. Others will have 
their job responsibilities modified to address 
the goals of the institution. 

"This was one of the hardest decisions Cen- 
tenary has faced," said Dr. Rowe. "Eliminat- 
ing positions is painful because we are a 
close-knit community. The lives of colleagues 
we know and love are profoundly changed. 
Centenary will make every effort to help each 
employee through this difficult transition." 

The College will offer severance packages 
commensurate with years of service, career 
transition assistance and tuition courtesy for 
current dependents. 

The positions eliminated will not affect the 
academic mission of the College, said Rowe. 
"We are taking steps today to secure Cen- 
tenary's future. Centenary will emerge from 
this difficulty a stronger institution, focused 
always on preparing young men and women 
for full and meaningful lives." 

Centenary College to Reposition Academic Program to 

Meet the Needs of the 21st Century 

Centenary Press Release 

Centenary College President David Rowe announced February 9, 2010 that he will recommend 
to the College's Board of Trustees the phasing out of several academic programs once students 
currently enrolled in those programs complete their studies. 

The proposals were informed by the findings of a nine-member task force, chaired by Interim Pro- 
vost Dan Keck and consisting of chairs of key faculty standing committees and members of the 
faculty elected by colleagues specifically to serve on this presidential advisory body. 

Once the phasing is completed the restructuring will focus the College's undergraduate aca- 
demic program on a field of 22 majors. Currently the small residential liberal arts college offers 44 
majors. Among the majors affected by the announcement are German, Latin, Health and Exercise 
Science, Elementary and Secondary Education, Instrumental Music, Music Performance, and 

"All of our academic programs have been consistent with the College's mission and represent 
rigorous adherence to the highest traditions of the academy;" said Rowe, "so refining the overall 
program to concentrate on areas of current and future strength required tough choices among 
several distinctive programs." 

An emerging new vision for Centenary College against the backdrop of the nation's faltering 
economy occasioned the College's Board to commission the review of programs last summer. 
Rowe engaged faculty in responding to the Board's commission by creating the advisory task 
force. "The charge to the task force was to create the academic program that will define church- 
related liberal arts education for the 21st Century," Rowe said. "Our challenge in this endeavor 
has been and will be to create such a program while optimizing the use of shrinking resources." 

With these moves, Centenary is charting a bold new course into the 21st Century. A renewed 
focus on undergraduate arts and sciences programs will set the stage for Centenary's president 
to open up a conversation with faculty about complementing those programs with graduate pro- 
fessional programs, such as the Master's of Arts in Teaching, and to investigate the creation of 
more opportunities for students to engage global cultures through sustained and well-crafted 
international study experiences. 

"Now, more than ever," according to Rowe, "the world needs globally-engaged professionals who 
can lead with the creativity of artists and the curiosity of scientists. Since 1825 Centenary has 
prepared such wise, caring and moral leaders." 


" rwgffii i ^^iyiJMiBiwwmpi^ 

David Rowe 


Kenneth Schwab 

President Emeritus 

Connie Harbuck 

Executive Assistant to President 

Office of the I^resident 

Betsy Eaves 


Dan Keck 

Interim Provost and Dean of the College 

David Hoaas 

Associate Provost 

IVIeg Webber 

Assistant Dean of the College 


Bicka Bannon 

Faculty Secretary 

Pat Gallion 

Administrative Assistant / 
MBA Program Coordinator 

Candy IVIaynard 

Music Secretary 

IVIeg Webber 

Director of the Academic Resource Cnter 

Jeannie Clements 

Assistant to the Provost 

Academic Administrative 


Becky Palmer 

Humanities Division Secretary 

Ilka Vaitkus 

Education, Administrative Associate 

Academic l^escurce 


M. Lea Stroud FrOSt SctlOCi Cf EuSineSS 

Assistant Dean of Business Outreach 

Tom Hundemer 

Director of Music Library 

Alan Berry 

Shop Foreman 

Carrie Rowlett 

Secretary for Marjorie Lyons 

Betsy Eaves 

Director of the Christian Leadership Center 

Valerie Robideaux 

Theological Studies Coordinator 

Jennifer Strange | 

Coordinator of Continuing Education | 

tiuriey Sciicoi of Music 

Theatre and Dance 

Ciiristian Leadersliip 


Laura Vaughan 

Missions Coordinator 

Christopher Lavan 

Director for Office of Community 

Sarah Thorne 

Assistant Director for the Office of Community 

Office of Community 

Scott Merritt 

Director of Information Technology 

Aaron Allien 

Support Specialist-Servers 

Chris Derrick 

Assistant Director of IT Operations 

Jason Gay 

Network Systems Administrator 

Information Teciinoiojiy 

Christopher Lavan 

Director of Intercultural Engagement 

Andy Hitt 

PC Technician 

Kathe Newsome 

Database Administrator 

Intercuitural Enfita^iement 

Kelsey Asbjornsen-Hawthorne 

Assistant Director of Intercultural Engagement 

Christy Wrenn 

Director of Library Services 

Marcia Alexander 

Interlibrary Loan Librarian 

Chris Brown 

Archivist / Cataloger 

Sharon Chevalier 

Library Access Officer 

Diane Dufilho 

Director of Meadows Museum 

Kathy Brodnax 
Gallery Coordinator/ 
Museum Registrar 

Neeta Kaji 

Internal Account/Office Manager 

Gary Young 

Registrar/Institutional Res. 

Golda Young 

Associate Registrar 

>ia£|aie Library 

Judith Grunes 

Content/Access Officer 

Robin Humphrey 

Public Access Librarian 

Nancy Middleton 

Head of Acquisitions/Serials 

Aieadows Museum of Art 

Loriane Soffer 

Gift Shop Manager for Meadows 


I2efi|istrar*s Office 

Deborah Scarlato 

Assistant to the Registrar 


David Williams 

Coordinator for 
Advancement Service 

Alumni l^elaticns 


Fred Landry 

Senior Director of Annual Giving 

Dena Pruett 

Secretary to the Director 
of Planned Giving, 
Foundation and Corporate 
Relations, and Research 

Patty Roberts 

Director of Research 

Atarketinfit and 

Michael Futreal 

Web Developer 

Sherry Heflin 

Publications Specialist 


Greg Gary 
Head Men's Basketball Coach 

Gretchen Goerlitz 
Gymnastic Coach 

Bojan Jankovic 
Interim Women's Head Basketball Coach 

Butch Jordan 
Swim Coach 

Todd Killen 
Tennis Coach 

Amadou Koundoul 
Assistant Basketball Coach 

Mark Lambert 
Associate Head Head Softball Coach 

Kathy Fell 

Vice President for Development 

Carol Bender 

Administrative Assistant to 
Vice President for Development 

Caria E. Alsandor 

Director of Alumni Relations 

Saige Wilhite 

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 

Nita Cook 

Director of Annual Givinc 

Lottie Elias 

Coodinator for Annual Giving 

David Henington 

Senior Director of Donor Relations 

Carolyn Hiti 

Coordinator of Gifts Processing Assistani 
to Donor Relations and Research 

Rick DelaHaya 

Director of Marketing and Communications 

Donna Bartholomew 

Publications Specialist 

Kyle Broughton 

Web Designer 

Tom Tallach 

Director of Athletics 

Shelley Armstrong 

Cross Country Coach 

Emiyn Aubrey 

Golf Coach 

Michael Brand 
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach 

Kristen Davis 
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball 

Michael Diaz 
Assistant Men's Baseball Coach 

Glenn Evans 
Head Woman's Soccer Coach 

Joe Ferguson 
Assistant Men's and Women's Swim Coach 


David Orr 
Head Men's Soccer Coach 

Theresa Rinaudo 
Administrative Assistant for Athletics 

Andrew Shaw 
Fencing Coach 

Jon Stenman 
Head Volleyball Coach 

Adam Walsh 
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 

Enrollment Services 

Admissions Office 

Elaine Majors 
Admissions Assistant 

Sara Matlack 
Guest Coordinator and 
Receptionist for Admissions 

Lisa Rauschenbach 
Admissions Counselor 

Susan SanAngelo 
Data Specialist I 

Mary Walte 
Admissions Counselor 

rinancial Aid Department 

Keeley Pratt 
Financial Aid Assistant 

Ed McCann 
Head Baseball Coach 

Allison McClain 
Sports Information Director 

Chris McMillian 
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 

Mark Montgomery 

Softball Head Coach / Assistant 

Athletic Director Dev 

Alan Moore 
Cycling Coach 

Dustin Myers 
Assistant Men's and 
Women's Swim Coach 

Dave Voskuil 
Vice President for Enrollment Services 

Mickey Quinlan 
Director of Admissions 

Grant Brewer 
Admissions Counselor 

Katie Carpenter-Moore 
Assistant Director of Admissions 

Liz Downes 
Admissions Counselor 

Jonathan Ferrell 
Associate Director of Admissions 

Janet Ingram 
Data Specialist-Admissions 

Mary Sue Rix 
Director of Financial Aid 

Lynette Viskozki 
Financial Aid Assistant Director 

Finance and 

Bill Ballard 
Vice President for Finance and Administration 

Yvonne Gullette 
Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Finance 
& Administration; Payroll and Benefits Coordinator 

business Office 

Mike Pearson 


Louisiana's Academic Arboref u 

Native Plants of Louisiana and ttie Soutlieaster 

United States 

Established in 1985 by Dr. Ed Leuck 

With the support of Mr.and Mrs. Harry Bal 


me Campus Improvement Committal 

Lisa Bartalini 

Administrative Assistant to the Controller 

Monica Powell 

Associate Bursar/ Perkins Loan Officer 

Richard (Steven) Smith 

Business Office 

June Collins 

College Store Manager 

John Alford 

Assistant Manager Merchandising 

Christine Mcintosh 

General Manager for Sodexho Services 

Lyndsi Clements 

Administrative Assistant for Sodexho 


Francine Campbell 

Conferences and Facilities Coordinator 

Lyie Baker 
Special Services 

Boyd Collins 

Roderick Crutchfield 

Janice Fricks 

Brenda Galambos 
Custodial Supervisor 

Michael Gideon 
Special Services 

Charles Gullette 

Bertie Hayes 

Arthur Henderson 

Sidney Johnson 

Sonja Smith 

Accounts Payable Coordinator 

Coiieiie Store 

Mark Peck 

College Store Assistant Manager 

Sodexlio Dininn Services 

Terri Oliver 

Catering Manager for Sodexho Services 

faciiities Services 

Arthur Jones 

Micheal Mims 

Gwendolyn Thomas 

Jaun Thomas 

Preston Thurman 

Henry Wallace 

Terri Watson 

Post Office Assistant 

Jerry Whittington 

Sheila Wiggins 
Grounds Supervisor 

Roy Youngblood 

Tracy Maranto-Phillips 
Director of Human Resources 

Human {Resources 

Joy Aull 

Public Safety Police Captain 

Zeke Aull 

Director of Public Safety 

Thomas Davis 

Public Safety Police Officer 

Shawn Fertenbaugh 
Public Safety Police Officer 

Todd Field 

Public Safety Police Officer 

Public Safety 

Bill Henderson 

Public Safety Police officer 

Pearlina Jackson 

Public Safety Police Sergeant 

Charles Edward "Eddie" Walker 
Public Safety Police Sergeant 

Frank Waruszcak 
Key Program Assistant 


Betsy Eaves 

Vice President for Student Development 

Dennis Taylor 

Acting Dean of Student Life 

Herb Howard 
Cheer/Dance Coach 

Elizabeth Everett 

Assistant Director of Career Services 

Dennis Taylor 

Director of Career Services 

Student Development 

Student Life 

Frank Waruszcak 
Technical Assistant to 
Dean of Student Life 

Career Services 

Nicole Turner 

Assistant Director of Fitness Center/Residence Life 

Fitness Center 

Tina Feldt 

Director of Counseling 

Anita Crafts 

Intern Health Services 

Melinda Koch 
Counseling and Health 
Services Coordinator 

Health and 
Ccunselinn Services 

Shelly McLain 

Intern Health Services 

Joshua Coco 

Director of Residence Life 

Leslie Cothren 

Director of Student Involvement 

Residence Life and 

Student Involvement 

Ancient and /Hodern 
Lanfi|uafi|e Department 

Janine Demerath 
Lecturer in Spanish 

Mark Gruettner 
Professor of German 

Dana Kress 
Professor of French 

Maureen Murov 

Associate Professor of Spanish; Chair 

of Ancient and l\/lodern Language 


Laura Addington 
Lecturer in Spanish 

Steve Clark 

Associate Professor of 

Classics and French 

Art and Visual Cuiture 

uai t^uiiure LisaNicoletti 

Chair of Art and Visual 
Michael Futreal Culture Department; Associate Professor 
Lecturer in New Media of Art and Visual Culture 


Michelle Glares 
Associate Professor of Art 

Sara Hebert 
Lecturer in Art 

Kent Judkins 
Lecturer in Art 

Greg VanHoosier-Carey 
Biedenharn Chair of Communication 

BioiO£|y Department 

Beth Leuck 

Whited-Douglas Chair of 


Ed Leuck 
Warters Chair of Biology 

frost ScliccI of Business 

Edward Ball 
Lecturer in Business 

Douglas Fryett 
Lecturer in Business 

Duke Griffey 
Lecturer in Business 

Phillip Haley 
Lecturer in Business 

8. Maurice "Maury" Hicks 
Lecturer in Business 

Franklin Hughes 
Lecturer in Business 

Patricia Humphrey 
Lecturer in Business 

Bruce Allen 
Professor of Art 

Kathy Brodnax 
Lecturer in Art 

Joshua Chambers 
Lecturer in Art 

Diane Dufilho 
Lecturer in Art 

Cynthia Brame 

Chair of Biology Department 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Greg Butcher 
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience 

Scott Chirhart 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Chris Martin 

Dean of the School of Business; 

Linco Eminent Scholars 

Chair of Business Administration 

Harold Christensen 
Professor of Economics; 
Director of Economic Education Center 

Barbara Davis 

Sample Professor of 

Business Administration; 

Professor of Accounting & Finance 

David Hoaas 
Professor of Economics 

Betsy Rankin 
Professor of Economics 

Helen Sikes 
Professor of Accounting & Finance 

rrcst Schccl €f Easiness 

(CCntinued) Carol Taylor 

Lecturer in Business 

Kelly Weeks 
Associate Professor of 

Chemistry Department 

Robert Patterson 
Lecturer in Chemistry 

John Sedlak 
Lecturer in Chemistry 

Education Department 

Dominic Salinas 
Lecturer in Education 

Kenneth Schwab 
Professor of Education 

Karen Soul 
Associate Professor of Education 

Ellyn Thompson-McKinney 
Lecturer in Education 

Meg Webber 
Assistant Professor of Education 

Rosemary Woodard 
Lecturer in Education 

Enfiiiisii Department 

Earle Labor 
Professor Emeritus of English 

Michael Laffey 
Lecturer in English 

George Newtown 
Professor of English 

Jennifer Strange 
Lecturer in English 

Kim VanHoosier-Carey 
Assistant Professor of English 

Donald Jagot 
Lecturer in Business 

Joseph Shea 
Lecturer in Business 

M. Lea Stroud 
Lecturer in Business 

Thomas Ticich 
Chair of the Chemistry Department; 
Grayson Chair of Chemistry 

Joshua Lawrence 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Ernest Blakeney 
Sklar Chair of Chemistry 

Robert Prickett 

Chair of Education Department; 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Leslie Brice 
Lecturer in Education 

Arleen Hague 
Lecturer in Education 

Sue Hernandez 
Assistant Professor of Education 

Sherry Kerr 
Lecturer in Education 

Phyllis Leone 
Lecturer in Education 

Sharon Little 
Lecturer in Education 

Martha Maple 
Lecturer in Education 

Steve Shelburne 

Chair of the English Department; 

Brown Professor of English 

Kathy Fell 
Associate Professor of English 

Jeanne Hamming 
Associate Professor of English 

David Havird 
Professor of English 

Jeff Hendricks 
Professor of English 

David Bieler 

Chair of Geology Department; 

Associate Professor of Geology 

Jeffrey Agnew 
Lecturer of Geology 

John Davenport 

AGS Post Doctoral Fellow of 

Environmental Studies 

Geol€£|y Department 

Shelley Armstrong 

Broyles inagural Chair; Assistant 

Professor of Health & Exercise Science 

Shelley Marie 

Lecturer in Health & Exercise Science 

Daniel Henderson 

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science 

Rodney Grunes 

Chair of the Departments of History 

& Political Science; 

Professor of Political Science 

Kate Pedrotty 
Lecturer in History 

Gloria Walker 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Katherine Brandl 
Associate Professor 

Mark Schlatter 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Mark Goadrich 

Broyles Eminent Scholars Chair in 

Computational Mathematics 

Gale Odom 

Dean of the School of Music; 

Professor of Music 

Daniel Phillips 
Lecturer in Music 

Janice Aiken 
Lecturer in Music 

Christopher Allen 
Lecturer in Music 

Tracy Bedgood 
Lecturer in Music 

Scott Vetter 

Woolf Professor of Geology 

Health and Exercise 
Science Department 

tMargaret Jordan 

Lecturer in Health & Exercise Science 

Andrew Shaw 

Lecturer in Exercise Science 

Histcry and Ociiticai 
Science Department 

Chad Fulwider 

Assistant Professor of History 

Sam Shepherd 
Professor of History 


David Thomas 
Professor of Mathematics 

Karon Waguespack 
Lecturer in Mathematics 

tlurley Sciicci cf Music 

Leon Brown 
Lecturer in Music 

Cathy DeRousse 
Adjunct in Music 

Horace English 
Professor of Music 

Todd Gabriel 

Associate Professor of Music 

Gay Grosz 

Collaborative Artist in Residence; 

Instructor of Music 

John Harper 
Lecturer in Music 

David Hobson 

A.C. "Cheesy" Voran Choir Director; 

Lecturer in Music 

Sally Horak 
Lecturer in Music 

Samara Humbert 
Administrator for Suzuki School 

Tom Hundemer 
Lecturer in Music 

Robert Maynard 
Adjunct in Music 

Adrienne Moffett-Smith 
Adjunct in Music 

Thomas Phillips 
Adjunct in Music 

Joy Ratcliff 
Lecturer in Music 

Hurley Schocl cf Music 


Pasha Sabouri 
Lecturer in Music 

Michael Scarlato 
Adjunct in Music 

Ross Smith 

Associate Professor of Music 

Thomas Stone 
Professor of Music 

Chandler Teague 
Lecturer in Music 

Julia Thorn 
Professor of Music 

Kristina Vaska-Haas 
Adjunct in Music 

Holly Watson 
Adjunct in Music 

Theresa Zaie Bridges 
Adjunct in Music 

Chris Ciocchetti 

Chair of the Philosophy Department; 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Ken Aizawa 

Charles T. Beaird Professor of Philosophy 

l3liiilos€pliy Department 

Juan Rodriguez 

Chair of Physics Department 

Keen Chair of Engineering 

Jerry Lisantti 

Associate Professor of Physics 

Matt Weeks 

Chair of the Department; 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Amy Hammond 

Assistant Professor in Psychology 

David Stafford 

Bill and Sarah James Eminent Scholars 

Chair of Psychology 

Pliysics Department 

Troy Messina 

Assistant Professor of Physics; 

Broyles Inaugural Chair 

t>sycliolcs|y Department 

Charles Wilcox 

I2elii|i€us Studies 

Peter Huff 

T.L. James Eminent Scholars 

Chair of Religion 

Sociolofiiy Department 

Michelle Wolkomir 
Associate Professor of Sociology; 
Crawford Chair of Liberal Arts 

Itieatre and Dance 

David Otto 
Chair of the Religious 
Studies Department; 
Webb Chair of International Studies 

Susan Brayford 
Professor of Religious Studies 

Jana De Benedetti 
Lecturer in Religious Studies 

Loren Demerath 

Chair of Sociology Department; 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Stuart McMahen 
Lecturer in Sociology 

Henry Clay Walker 
Lecturer in Sociology 

Don Hooper 

Chair of Theatre and Dance Department 

Professor Theatre and Dance 

Chelsey Powell-Davenport 
Lecturer in Dance 

Keeley Pratt 
Adjunct Lecturer in Dance 

Andrew Shaw 
Lecturer in Theatre 

Lisa Renee Smith Cheveallier 
Lecturer In Dance 

Lauren Gamble 
Lecturer in Dance 

Josephine Glorioso 
Lecturer in Theatre 

Emily Heugatter 
Assistant Professor of Theatre 

Jeffrey Kallenberg 

Samantha Aarstad 
Dina Abo-Zahrah 
Reem Abo-Zahrah 
Keegan Acker 
Barry Acosta 
Laura Adame 

I Brittany Adams 

Lenard Adams 
Riley Adams 
Stormi Adcox 
Molly Adkins 
Don Adiey 
Karley Aiken 
Nicholas Akins 
Elizabeth Alberson 
Shakeria Alcorn 
Laila Al-Dubais 
Maureen Alford 
Venera Alidema 
Haley Allen 
Madalyn Allen 
Kenneshea Allums 
Trine Andersen 
Allie Anderson 
Greg Anderson 
Anna Andreen 
Xun Ao 
John Areno 
Andra Armstrong 
Raphael Asenime 
John Ashley 
Mouhamad Assi 
Joshua Atkins 
Cody Atkinson 
Zoe Auld 
Allison Austin 
Noor Azzawe 
Amjad Azzawe 
Ahmad Azzawe 
Owen Bailey 
Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker 
Mellynn Baker 
Katie Baker 
Nolan Baker 
Eric Ball 
Payton Bannon 

Benjamin Barcelona 

Flannery Barlow 

Tamara Barlow 

Stephanie Barrow 

Destin Bass 

Mark Basset 

Haley Bassett 

Jacob Bates 

Jacquelyn Batson 

Stephanie Beauvais 

Ryan Bell 

Devan Bell 

Bret Bello 

Peyton Benedict 

Samir Bensalma 

David Benson 

Michaela Berg 

Aaron Bergman i 

Gregory BerthelotI 

Lyndsay Bertrand I 

David Berude 

Isadora Bickham 

Brittany Bienvenu i 

Linda Bird 

Crystal Birdsongj 

Brittany BlackwelH 

Matthew Blam 

Matthew Blanchard^ 

Jackson Blankstein 

Jonathan Blount 

Libby Bloxom 

Michael Boagni 

Kristin Boesch 

Rebekah Bogdanoff 

Bailey Boggs 

Jerrald Bonham 

Samuel Bonhami 

John Bonner! 

Spencer Bostwick 

Jasmine Bothwell 

Matthew Bourgeois 

William Bowers 

Andrew Bowers 

Stephanie Boyd 

Remain Boyer 

Olivia Bozant 

VIegan Braley 
Sean Brazeel 
Emily Brazzel 
VIorgan Brewton 
DIaire Bridenne 
Morgana Broussard 
Jessica Brown 
\/larissa Brown 
lA/illiam Brucinhaus 
fciiristopher Bryan 
Sara Bryan 
y/latthew Bumgardner 
Rebecca Bundrick 
Taylor Burgess 

I Drew Burnham 
lane Bushier 
ulie Butler 
ohn Gallon 
)ole Campbell 
Jergio Cananzi 
Jrandi Candler 
Vesley Carlisle 
.auren Carlton 
ames Carnahan 
onathan Carrere 
3rooke Carrier 
-ogan Cathcart 
Cortney Causey 

aitlin Cavarra 
lohn Cefalu 
Dane Chambers 
yiason Chambers 
Erik Champney 
\nuj Chaniyara 

auren Cheaney 
Harry Chiang 
-achary Christ 
^yan Christiansen 
Dessie Clark 
/ictoria Claypoole 
Cayla Clemens 

ourtney Cleveland 
Dassandra Cloutet 
talari Coburn 

auline Cockenpot 

Amanda Colby 

Paul Coleman 

Taylor Collins 

Rachel Conard 

Anna Conneli 

Bonnie CooN 

Donecia Cook 

Michael Coopei 

Shidestini Coopei 

Eren Corapcioglu 

Corinne Cormie 

Kathryn Correrc 

Allannah Cortes 

Frances Couch 

Amanda Cowar 

Jeffrey Cowley 

Zachary Cowsen 

Thomas Co 

Beth Craf 

Kathryn Craigc 

Talia Crair 

Matthew Cravens 

Matthew Creame; 

Stuart Crichtor 

Margaret Crowley 

Christine Cumminc 

MaLeda Cyrui 

Costantinos Dafnii 

Austin Dai, 

Derek Dalzel 

Megan Danie 

Leah Darlj 

Whitney Daughert>:; 

Christopher Daviq 

Chelsea David 

Christopher Davis 

Corey Daviji 

Megan Daviii 

Millicent Davii 

Kaitlin DaviJi 

Leonardo Davii! 

Peyton Davi; 

Tyler Davi; 

Jacob Dawsoi 

Bryan Da' 

Peter DeCu 


Jennifer DeLancy 
Catharine Depew 
Trishna Desai 
Kristin DiGioia 
Elizabeth Dilks 
Renee Do 
Drake Domingue 
benjamin Donaldson 
Catherine Donnelly 
Timothy Doolin 
JLorna Dopson 

merald Doha 

ara Dornelas 

atherine Dougherty 

atasa Draganic 
Sarah Duet 
Noss Dugas 
<elly Dunnlgan 
Jamie Dyche 
Jared Dysart 

annon Earp 
Samantha Earp 

harles Eddy 
Jami Edgell 
Andrea Edgley 
Susan Edwards 
Jihad Elaydi 
Jeffrey Ericson 
\nita "Nicki" Escott 
Stephanie Evans 
Daniel Ewing 
slicholas Faitz 
lachary Farrar 
\nne Farrell 

haerii Faught 

odd Faulkinberry 

adeline Fechter 

amuel Fell 

hristina Fellows 

onique Finley 

teven Finley 
David Fitzgibbons 
i Jennifer Flenniken 
Lucille Fliegel 
^eter Flowers 
\nna Fontenot 

Sarah Fontenot 
Leslie Forest 
Kelly Fossard 
Jeffrey Foster 
Hillary Frazier 
Jay Frazier 
Gerhardt Funk 
Amanda Futch 
Jesse Gabriel 
Sara Gardner 
Rebekah Gagnard 
Cassandra Garlington 
Jessica Garris 
William Gaston 
Adam Gatlin 
Amanda Geneux 
Adam Ghaemmaghami 
Scott Gibbs 
Shelby Gillen 
Jesse Gilmore 
Shunequika Gilmore 
Taylor Gilmour 
Gabrielle Giordano 
Erica Glidewell 
Christopher Goetz 
Micah Goodwin 
Janeane Gorcyca 
Quintesa Gould 
Sam Grace 
Robert Grand 
Chelsea Granger 
Heather Granger 
Samantha Gray 
Samantha Green 
Jeridan Green 
Denver Green 
Rustin Green 
Katherine Greene 
Joshua Grey 
Everett Grim ley 
Rachel Grinnell 
Tracy Grissom 
Brian Gruettner 
Rebecca Gruettner 
Taylor Gruner 
Brenton Gryder 

Mary Guerrant 

Dakota Guillory 

Jordan Gurren 

Nicole Guyote 

Abigail Haeckel 

Phyllis Hafer 

Taylor Hairston 

Sterling Hail 

James Hail 

Stephanie Hansen 

Kathryn Hardey 

Rachel Harper 

Kalyn Harris 

Jason Harris 

Matthew Harris 

Jennifer Harrison 

Ashley Hart 

David Hartzog 

Christian Hataway 

Catherine Hathaway 

Rachel Havird 

Courtney Hawkins 

Priscilla Hawthorne 

Antoinette "AJ" Haynes 

Sarah Hazlett 

Cheisi Hefner 

Ashley Helms 

Hannah Henderson 

Polly Henderson 

Leander Henry 

Callie Herrington 

Aimee Herzog 

Abby Hewitt 

Paige Hewlett 

Lauren Highsmith 

Deborah Hill 

Michael Hiller 

Dragan Hinic 

Minhtam "Tommie" Ho 

Amanda Lee Hock 

Lanita Holmes 

Amanda Holt 

John Hooper-Shaffer 

Edward Hope 

Meghan Horan 

James Hoyt 

MacKenzie Hubbard 

Kristalynn "Brooke" 


Kendal Hughes 

Julie Hughes 

Laura Huning 

Jessica Hunter 

Katie Hunter 

Brian Hurlbirt 

Stevie Hurlbirt 

Laura Immenschuh 

Richard Imperialii 

Alicia Ivanic 

La'Britni Jackson 

Ashley Jackson 

Gregory Jackson 

Caroline Jakobsen 

Katie Jamesi 

Andrew Jarboe 

Michael Jarboei 

Jacob Jennings 

Todd Johnsori 

Stafford Johnson! 

Spencer Johnson^ 

Joshua Johnsom 

Colin Johnsonl 

Allison Jones' 

Jacob Jones! 

Destiny Jones 

Joshua Jonesl 

Jessica Jones 

Quin'c'allen Jones 

Mary Jones, 

Rebecca Jordari 

Catherine Joseph 

Bethany Joseph 

Donald Julien 

Michelle Junoli 

Sunil Kaimooti! 

Shannon Kairschneij 

Nadine Kaskasf 

Diana Keeiell 

Justine Kemp 

Caitlin Kennedy 


Justin Kennedy 
<ari Kennon 
Bethany Kern 
3rianna Kern 
Matthew Keus 
rhomas Keys 
<aci Kimball 
Samarra Kinchen 
\yrial King 
rhomas Kirkindoll 
Cayla Klaus 
.auren Kloepfer 
Duneera Kompelli S 
Cyle Kraemer ^' 
Justin Kraft 
\manda Krentzel 
)allas Krentzel 
Elizabeth Krysiak 
Vyotunde Kuku 
lennifer Kunze 
Jarah Kuruvilla 
Vndrea Labor 
"odd LaFariette 
yiarquette LaForest 
Sunny LaGrone 
Vndre Lahaye 
:)hristopher Lake 
)ara Lamb 
Sarrett Lambert 
ennifer Landry 
/iisty Lane 
yiakensie Lant 
"imothy Lanza 
.auren Larkin 
Alexandra Larsen 
3uinn Larwood 
Lauren Lassiter 
>arah Latham 
/ara Lavender 
)aniel Lazarou 
)anna Leary 
Anthony LeBlanc 
)avid Lee 
essica Lee 
.auren Lee 

Jessica Lehman 

Rebecca Lehr 

William Leonard 

Sarah Lerchie 

Corey Lewis 

Jessica Lieblich 

Chelsea Lileq 

Caitlin Lindsay 

Janet "Christine" Linschoten 

Luke Lisherness 

William Little 

Adam Littleton 

Ruth Litwinowic^ 

Monique Long 

Nicholas Long 

Jaclyn Lopez 

Kristy Lopez 

Cara Loria 

Ada Loridans 

Laura Lov 

Jacob Lug0 

Erika Lunsforq 

Lindsey Luquette' 

Maria Luraquette 

Maria Luraguiz 

Ashley Lynch 

Joy Lyons 

Pedro Macie 

Anne Mach 

Charles Madder 

Evan Magil 

Jeffery Malinovsk^ 

Maegan Manes 

Conald Mansfieic 

Kayla Marior 

Jessica Marquar 

Matthew Marseillel 

Jonathan Martir 

Daniel Martir 

Kyle Martir 

Laura Martine: 

Christine Martine: 

Anna Masor 

Bonnie Mataf^ 

Virginia Mathe 

Jenny Mather 
sjatalie Mathes 
<atelyn Matthews 
Slicholas Mauldin 
\drien May 
Famara Mayer 
Bissell Mayorga 
Eric McAllister 
Dasey McBeath 
Constance McBroom 
_auren McCarty 
Gallery McConnell 
Rachel McConnell-Switzer 
faylor McCook 
:)harles McCowan 
^elanie McCoy 
^erwin McCrady 
3arry McGee 
Dana McGee 
.Margaret Mclnnis 
Marshall Mclnnis 
fate Mclntyre 
Crista McKinney 
Rebecca McMahen 
5usan McMahen 
i/larci McMahen 
Emily MCManus 
^allina McMillan 
"homas McMurry 
:)olin McRae 
Za\eb McSorley 
Vnna Medica 
Cyle Mehnert 
Jarah Merino 
}ara Miccoli 
David Micinski 
Ethan Miller 
lessica Miller 
Hadley Million 
layton Mills 
yiark Moehle 
={obert Moffatt 
!achary Moffett 
.auren Monarch 

Lindsey Monds 
Hannah Moore 
Vashni Moore 
Richard Moore 
Chelsea Moore 
Holly Moore 
Elizabeth "Bitsy" Morris 
Lauren Morrison 
David Moss 
Rebekah Murphy 
Eric Murphy 
Caroline Murphy 
Emily Mwakitawa 
Scott Myers 
Maxx Nakwaasah 
Michael Naquin 
Megan Navo 
Caitlin Neese 
Donna Nelson 
Mark "Adam" Nerio 
Jennifer Netherton 
Craneisha Nettles 
Laura Neville 
Clayton Newell 
Suet Yu Ng 
Thien Ly Nguyen 
Matthew Nichenko 
Cedric Nickerson 
Katherine Norgard 
Kendra Norman 
Julie Norman 
Samuel Norton 
Atique Nowroze 
Jeffrey Oberley 
Manoah "Noah" O'Dell 
Roumta Odisho 
Ross Olivier 
Alexander Opiand 
Catlin Orschel ^ >^ 
Mary "MK" Orsulak 
Andrew "Andy" Osborn 
Ian Osteon 
Aaron Otto 
Aurora Owen 
Cashford Owen 

Zachary Owens 

Bethany Padgett 

Taylor Pahls 

Peter Parrish 

Olivia Parsons 

Scott Pasket 

Jennifer Pate 

Marion Paton 

Sara Patronella 

Christopher Patterson 

Patricia Pattie 

Christene Paxton 

Joshua Pena 

Holden Penney 

Adam Pennington 

David Perez 

Covodka Perkins 

Francis "Frank" Petitto 

Dennis "DJ" Pevey 

Zachary Phelps 

Joshua Phillips 

Alexa Phillips 

Rachel Phipps 

Austyn Pilgrim 

Alexandria Pittman 

Matthew Pittman 

Joanna Plattsmier 

Robert Poole 

Jodran Pope 

Nicole Popp 

Delisha Powell 

Samantha Powell 

Christopher Prater 

Abigail Presswood 

Stefan Pressyanov 

Austin Price 

Amanda Proctor 

Daniel Proveaux 

Ashely Purland 

Melanie Queen 

Joshua Rabalais 

Michael Rafferty 

Aliya Rafikova 

Marco Rajo 

Robert Ramirez 

John Ramsey 

Theresa Ratclifl 

Marcie Ratclifl 

Chase Ratley 

Erika Rautic 

Ashley Rawson 

Cameron Ray 

Charles Ray 

Lauren Raynes 

Cady Redman 

Orin Redwooc 

Kelly Reec 

Charles Reec 

Kirk Reedstronr 

John Reeks 

Kelsey Regan 

Michael Ren 

Ruben Reyesj 

Marco Reyes 

Rachel Richardson 

Brittany Richardson 

Lea Richmonc 

Bianca Riggs 

James Riley 

Austin Rinehar 

Jordan Rinc 

Katherine Ris 

Kathlyn Rivers 

Sally Roacf- 

Bradlee Robertsor 

Colton Robe^ 

Grace Robinsor 

Dakota Robinsor 

Marcos Rodrigue 

Donnovan Roe 

Lauren Rogerj 

Nicolette Roger? 

Kyndal Rose 

Devin Rose 

William Rosj 

Elizabeth Rosself 

Candace Rushind 

Samantha Saffk' 

Anthony Salinas 

Regina Salvatore 

Amy San Pedrc 

Jalena Sanden 

Tara Sandoval 
Spencer Saulsbury 
Sarah Savage 
Lauren Savage 
Benjamin Scalisi 

aron Scamp 
Jeffrey Schaffert 
Brenna Schell 
Leslie Schepp 
Amy Schimschock 
Randall Scmidt 
Hayley Schneider 
Marisa Schneider 
Rachel Schofield 
Areal Schulman 
Michael Schwandt 
Thomas Schwertz 
Joshua Scott 
John Seat 
Matasha Sebeyran 
Brandon Sepulvado 
Jordan Sergent 
<atherine Sexton 
3aurav Shah 
<atherine Shamburger 
Vlaegan Shanks 
iTuaneeta Shears 
Hung Sheng 
Clifford Shepard 
Allison Shepperd 
Christine Shipp 
Matthew Shoptaugh 
Sarah Sihvonen 
Jude Simon 
<ay Simon 
Helen Simpson 
Travis Sims 
Shelby Singleton 
Thomas Skrmetti 
<ristin Slack 
Emily Slazer 
Jordan Smith 
VIelody Smith 

esley Smith 

Icamey Smith 
Malcolm Smith 

Kendall Smith 

Tyler Smith 

Julianne Smoak 

Samantha Snyder 

Lauren Sowell 

Ryan Sparks 

Taylor Sparks 

Laura "Katie" Spencer 

Aimee Spooner 

Jenna Squyres 

Lauren Stanley 

Peter Stark 

Emily Starling; 

Daman Starring; 

Rachel Stevens: 

Kristen Stevenson 

Sarina Stiles; 

Trevor Stine; 

Macy Stockton 

Shannon Stoddard 

James Storen 

Giselle Strauss 

April Stutts 

Forrest Stutts 

Christopher Sulllivan 

Jacob Sullivan 

Cree Summerville 

David Swartz 

Randi Sweeting; 

Lauren Sylvester 

Alexander Tan 

Suparsh Tanga 

Crystal Tate 

Whitney Tatesi 

Winston Taylor 

Seth Taylor 

Marissa Teauseau 

Andrew Teekell 

Jordan Templet 

Leah Tennyson 

Allison Tharp 

Shelby Thoma 

Cecile Thomas 

Kurt Thomas 

Preston Thompson 

Daniel Thompson 
Micah Threadgill 
Jonathan Threadgill 
Kayla Tibaldo 
Alexander Todd 
Sophia Tolliver 
Michael Tompkins 
Taylor Torrence 
Marissa Torrez 
Sierra Tracey 
Tuan Tran 
Anh Dao Tran 
Jeron Trotman 
Garrison Tubbs 
Roman Tubner 
Christopher Turansky 
Christopher Turregano 
Ashley Twyman 
Margaret Vaughan 
Patrick Vaughan 
Michael Vaughn 
Raven Veillon 
Noel Veneracion 
Carol Verbeek 
Gregory Verbois 
Maille Vetros 
Garrett Vick 
Andrea Violet 
David Volentine 
Hope Vollm 
Brooke Wadlington 
John Wadsworth 
Michael Walker 
Rennie Walker 
Matthew Wallace 
Amber Walls 
John Walsh 
Catherine Walsh 
Shakaria Ware 
Sara Warner 
Thomas Wartelle 
Tomeka Washington 
Jack Waterman 
Britney Waters 
Timothy Watson 

Colleen Watts 
Madeline Weatherspoon 
Kristine Weaver 
Megan Webber 
Lesley Webster 
Mark Weeber 
Sarah Weilder 
Elizabeth Weiss 
Heather Wensler 
Kaitlyn Westerhaus 
Michael Wheeler 
Victoria Whitaker 
Randall White 
Boone Whiting 
Susan Whitis 
Brittany Wilkens 
Sarah Wilkes 
Emily Willet 
Benjamin Williams 
David Williams 
Rachael Williams 
Jordan Williams 
Leslie Williams 
Charles Williams 
Christopher Williams 
Clifton Winkle 
Rachel Wise 
Cody Wolfe 
Kenneth Womack 
Andrew Wood 
Brandi Woodell 
Willie Woods 
Levi Wright 
Stephanie Wright 
Leslie Wyatt 
David Wyatt 
Madeline Wyatt 
Mary Wygle 
Nathan Yacovissi 
Lesley Yanner 
Brittany Young 
William Young 
Christopher Youngblood 
Karolina Zaioga 
Alyssa Zawieja 




S% i 




' ^* 


student Life 





{the inter&ulturoil ex|oerieri&e} 

In order to enrich Centenary's curriculum, 
departments of the College offer a variety 
of short courses each May. These courses 
explore topics of general or specialized 
interest not normally offered in Centena- 
ry's semester and summer courses. 

All students must complete one Module for 
graduation, but an additional Module may 
be applied towards the hours required for 

Centenary's Module courses literally take 
place across the globe. Some are offered 
on campus, whereas others involve study 
and travel in other institutions and nations. 
Because of the variety of options available, 
many students attend Module courses that 
serve the additional purpose of fulfilling 
the Community and/or the Cultue require- 
ments of the Trek Experience. 


^ Ben Scalisi & Marissa Teauseau 

with their Indian guide Tsering, on 

traditional Indian dress niaht. 

< Kelly 

Reed, Garret 

Vick & Carrie 

Verbeek on 

their May 

2010 Module 

in Greece 

Allums, Catherine Welsh, & Marissa Teauseau 

Kelly Reed, Randy Schmidt, Patrick McCuller, Marci McMahen, & Sherman Baskin 


John Ashley, Skeeter, & Leslie Williams 



Sarah Wilkes 







Centenary Press Release 

Students, faculty and staff heard from the leaders of two major organizations during the 
annual President's Convocation when the College was introduced to the new president, 
Dr. B. David Rowe, and heard from respected business leader, S. Truett Cathy, Founder 
and CEO of Chick-fil-A Inc. 

The traditional all-campus gathering took place Tuesday, Aug. 25 beginning at 1 1 a.m. 
in Centenary's Brown Chapel, and was open to all members of the community. The 
convocation launched the new academic year and offered special recognition to the 
incoming students and the 201 graduating class at Centenary. 

This was the first opportunity for the Centenary community to be officially introduced to 
Dr. B. David Rowe, Centenary's new president, who took office Aug. 1. Prior to his 
duties as President, Dr. Rowe was the Vice President for Advancement at LaGrange 
College in Georgia. 

Also speaking at this year's event was S. Truett Cathy, Founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A 
Inc., a business that he and his brother, Ben, started in 1946 when they opened an 
Atlanta diner known as The Dwarf Grill (later renamed The Dwarf House). Through the 
years, that restaurant prospered and led Cathy to further the success of his business. In 
1967, Cathy founded and opened the first Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta's Greenbriar 
Shopping Center. Today, Chick-fil-A is the second-largest quick-service chicken 
restaurant chain in the United States based on annual sales. 

Prior to the Convocation, Cathy was at the Bossier City Chick-fil-A restaurant to honor 
Centenary freshman Jamie Dyche as Chick-fil-A's 25,000th Leadership Scholarship 
recipient. Bossier City restaurant operator, John Roden; Centenary College President, 
Dr. Rowe; Bossier City Mayor, Lorenz "Lo" Walker; and Parkway High School Principal 
Joe Huffman will also attend the milestone presentation. 

Dyche received the scholarship through the national program, which, since 1973, has 
awarded $25 million in scholarship money to restaurant team members who have 
demonstrated excellence in the areas of work, education, and community and leadership 
development. In Louisiana alone, Chick-fil-A has awarded the $1,000 Leadership 
Scholarship to nearly 500 restaurant team members 


Patty Roberts & Sarah Duet | 


The Choir files out of the Chapel. 

The Chapel after all the candles were lit 

Centenary Press Release 

Centenary College shared an annual Christmas tradi- 
tion with the public on Friday, Dec. 4, when it presentee 
its Christmas Candlelight Service, a program of readings: 
prayer, music, song and candle lighting in Brown Memoria 
Chapel. The program was free and open to the public with 
the service beginning at 6 p.m. 

Music was provided by the Centenary Camerata and Cho- 
rale singers, the Centenary College Choir, and the Cente- 
nary Flute Ensemble. 

Camerata sang Michael McGlynn's Heavenly Light arrangec 
by Peter J. Wilhousky, LuxAurumque by Eric Whitacre, anc 
Wonderful Peace by Gustaf Nordqvist. The Centenary Cho- 
rale sang Edwin Fissinger's Love Came Down at Christ- 

The Centenary Choir presented the Herbert Howellsi 
Magnificat, accompanied by Dr. Hollice Watson on organ 
Betelehemu with soloist Seth Taylor and accompanied b] 
Michael Jarboe, Trevor Stine, Ruben Reyes and Christine 
Linschoten on percussion; and Climb to the Top of the High 
est Mountain by Carolyn Jennings. 

The Centenary Flute Ensemble presented the prelude with 
several selections of gathering music for Christmas anc 
accompanied by Dr. Hollice Watson on organ. 

The Reverend Dr. B. David Rowe, president of the College 
led the Bidding Prayer and gave the Benediction, with Dr 
Peter Huff, who holds the TL. James Chair of Religious 
Studies, leading the Advent Litany. The Rev. Betsy B. Eaves 
Centenary chaplain and director of the Christian Leader 
ship Center, delivered the annual Christmas message. 

The congregation was invited to sing several familiar Christ 
mas hymns, including Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus 
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel; Silent Night; and Hark! The 
Herald Angels Sing. 

After the service, the community was invited to attend c 
reception and visit with Santa in Magale Library. 


09 Christmas 








Centenary Press Release 









Centenary College celebrated the legacy and views of Dr. Martin Luthe! 
King Jr., with a week-long tribute of lectures, film and document screen- 
ings, theater performance and other events January 18-22. 

"Dream Week 2010: Keeping the Dream Alive" honors the life of Dr. King 
with activities designed to capture the spirit of his message, but also 
provide the opportunity to reflect on the past while seeking hope, deten 
mination and an opportunity to act upon the promise of the future. 

The week kicked off when Centenary students, staff, faculty, and alumni 
had the opportunity to take part in the school's 2nd Annual MLK Service 
Day. On Monday, the service project consisted of participants working 
at Cresweil and E.B.W. Stoner Hill Elementary schools to spruce up the 
school campuses through painting, cleaning, and other minor improves 

On Tuesday, Dr. Aaron Dobynes, pastor at Shreveport's Evergreen Bap- 
tist Church, delivered the Convocation address in the Whited Room' 
and the event was free and open to the public. Later in the evening: 
Prom Night in Mississippi, was shown at the Robinson Film Centef 
where a community discussion followed. 

Wedensday brought with it the play. Incognito, shown in Marjorie Lyons 
Playhouse. The full production was free and open to the public. 
"Michael Sidney Fosberg from the one-man show of Incognito, the Pla^ 
facilitated a workshop and convocation on Thursday on the issues oi 
stereotyping and prejudice. The Centenary Film Society concluded the 
week with another screening of Prom Night in Mississippi on campus.; 




V / 

' ' 7 







^s : 



m^ ' u-^^"^^ ^ 


1^ '^^, \ ' 

N ■ 





Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover looks on 

Members of the Centenary Swim Team 

Sara Dornelas, Lauren Highsmith, Kalyn I 
Harris, Katie Matthews, & Courtney Avery 

IIM "^''° Centenary Gymnastics Team | 

,« -f 


, " '"^ ." ■/'Jt^'v'i*. 

















. m,M 












^^- ' -^ >^it/ . 



•nH'i .;> 



En. - 






M A 

JS. -Jv ."s:. 


& ^>' 

/ ft 



. sKj 


t|;^»» tb- ..^ . - J 

. r 1^ 







Gents vs. South Dakota, Thursday 


AJ Haynes at Monday's Late Night 

ichelle Junot, Editor-in-Chief 

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni let the good times 
roll during the 2010 Homecoming, Laissez les bon tempf 
rouler! The week began for the ladies and gents on Monda] 
with Late Night In the SUB. AJ Haynes entertained thi 
crowd as organizations competed in the window painting 
competition and enjoyed l<ing cakes from Lafayette. 

CAB sponsored comedian Jay Black on Tuesday in Kil| 
Patrick Auditorium. On Wednesday, students decoratei 
l\/lardi Gras masks and umbrellas on the caf deck witi 
RHA. Wednesday night the 6th Annual Faculty/Staff vi 
Student Kickball Game took place on Jones-Rice Fieldj 
The students were of course victorious, and everyone 
had a great time! 

Thursday night students and community members trader 
canned goods for spirit sticks at the Gent's vs. SoutI 
Dakota basketball game. The Leading Ladies performer 
at half-time and Up 'til Dawn hosted their annual jum| 

The rain didn't stop everyone from having a great time 
Friday night at the annual gumbo cook-off. For the second 
year in a row, Big Hat Tom Fields and his Foot Stompin' 
Zydeco Band led the night's entertainment with a perfor 
mance from Centenary's own T.D. McMurry. 

Saturday was packed full of events, beginning witli the TKE Active vs. Alumni 
football game on Jones-Rice Field. The 2010 Homecoming parade rolled down 
Centenary Blvd. shortly thereafter, and was followed by an all campus indoor 
picnic in the Fitness Center. 

The Ladies battled it out in the Gold Dome against North Dakota at 2pm and the 
Gents followed at 4:30. At half-time of the Gents game, the homecoming court 
was announced and the royalty crowned. John Ramsey and Jennifer Pate were 
crowned Prince and Princess, and David Williams and Sunny LaGrone were 
crowned King and Queen. 





' *■ . 'i^ , 

Bitsy Morris & 
Michelle Junot 


Thomas Wartelle, 
Contributing Writer 

Centenary's Intramurals allow 
students to play a variety of 
sports in a friendly, comfort- 
able atmosphere while helping 
to foster bonds of friendship 
between students. 

Featuring flag football, vol- 
leyball, dodgeball, basketball, 
soccer, and softball, intramu- 
rals provide something that 
everyone can participate in. 

Athleticprowessisn't required; 
all that matters is that partici- 
pants have fun. 



Preview Weekend 











MaryAnne Marino 

JMtliii llgi 

p >« 




Kendall Hughes, Katie James, & Taylor Tichenor 

Mary Guerrant 


▼ .JH# 


.4 f 

iMj*!) "i>">i"'if^'lfni'ltt» 




^Sf^ Habitat 

"'f 1 1 for Humanity 
Sponsored by: 


Carpenters for Christ 

Highland Park 
United Methodist Church 

Jay Frazier & Macy Stockton 

Christopher Vaughan, Jack Matthews, Mark Billy, Rachel McConnel-Switzer, 
Laura Vaughan, Macy Stockton, Jay Frazier, Michael Schwandt, Mary Guerrant, 
EJ Guerrant, Mike Vaughn, Valerie Robideaux, Nicki Escott, & Katie James 





Katie James, Caitlyn Fuelburth, Lisa Tichenor, & Rachel McConnel-Switzer 





4 ^ 


IRatie James & Kendall Hughes ^ > 

aura Vaughan, Contributing Writer 

1 May, 21 Centenary students, staff members and alums participated in the "Willie Build" in Dallas, TX. The 
iroup helped build a Habitat House in memory of Willie Tichenor, younger brother of Centenary alum, Taylor 
'ichenor ('09). During these two days, students put their love of neighbor into action as they installed windows, 
loors, siding and shingles. Everyone had a great time and also enjoyed swimming and a good home cooked 
linner at the Tichenor's home. ' 

Inauguration of President David Row^ 

April 8. 20I0 


[Sarah Savage, 

KA Baker, & Lauren Savage E 

Mfll'^ '■ 






^^^^^^^^^^^^^HUp^ ^^^H^^^H^^^B 



P^^^H <c* ^ 

^^^^^^^H&T n W^IK^^ 



^v^t ^i 

^^^^HSkyU'' ^91 

&► '•- '^ 


nKk'-l^^ 1 

. w ii^i 


^^^^d^.^^ Ly^SS 












mt^ ■ ■ \ 


'^^BBk ^^ttfmm 

BK. ' v^^l 

Hh MfT 1^^ '^^*|^H 

Rawson, Becca McMahen, & Hannah Moore 

.Scott Gibbs#^ 

jJehn y.Netherton.'Bekah Gagnard, Jennifer Fflennikenj^ 

The Jarboe u. 

Chi Omega Graduates: Hannah Moore, Jennifer Pate, Jenniy Netherton, Rebecca 

Centenary College CR< 

i^Holt Kirkindoll, & Gissell Mayorga-Acevedo 

;entenary College of Louisiana awarded 205 diplomas Satur- dents have earned the magna cum laude designation, with 3.7 

ay, May 8 during the college's annual commencement ceremo- to 3.89 GPAs, and 23 achieved cum laude status, having 3.5 to 

jiesat 10:30 a.m. in the Gold Dome. 3.69 GPAs. 

;andidates for degree include 182 students earning bachelor's An Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters will be awarded to 

agrees and 20 receiving master's degrees in education or Jessica Jackley, co-founder of, the world's first peer- 

usiness. Nine students will graduate summa cum laude, having to-peer online micro lending website, who will deliver the com- 

arned grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Thirty-one stu- mencement address. 

/larco Rajo & JR Ramsey 

)r. Katherine Brandl 

Class of 2010 

IRebekah Gagnard & Rustin Green 

Summa Cum Laude: Libby Kathleen Bloxom, Spencer Burns Bostwick, 
Jessica Lauren Brown, Lorna Street Dopson, Sunny Celeste LaGrone, 
Hannah Kate Moore, Andrew Eugene Osborn, Ashley Elizabeth Rawson, 
Taylor Lynn Torrence 

Magna Cum Laude: Kathryn-Alizabeth C. Baker, Haley Meredith Bas- 
sett, Andrew Karr Bowers, Matthew Paul Bumgardner, Dane M. Cham- 
bers, Stuart Jackson Crichton, Jacob Daniel Dawson, Bryan Jordan 
Day, Michael C. Haydel, Sarah Mary Kuruvilla, Quinn Alan Larwood, 
Rachel Helen McConnell-Switzer, Rebecca Lynn McMahen, Cara Eliza- 
beth Miccoli, Colin Scott Miller, Christopher Ferrell Alexander Morgan, 
Rebekah Elise Murphy, Kendra Carolyn Norman, Jennifer Michelle Pate, 
Christene Elizabeth Paxton, Marco Antonio Rajo Andrade, John Michael 
Ramsey, Sarah T Savage, Rachel Marlena Stevens, Douglas Rex Sul- 
livan, Leah Weslyn Tennyson, Allison L. Tharp, Carol Y. Verbeek, Garrett 
Lane Vick, Mark P. C. Weeber, Kenneth Roland Womack II 

Cum Laude: Allison Renee Austin, Lauren Ashley Cheaney, Jennifer 
Dee Flenniken, Phillip Emory Goodman, Tracy Denise Grissom, Ashley 
Nicole Helms, Minh Tam Thien Ho, Todd R. Johnson, Rachael Lee Magill, 
Colin Alexander McRae, Mark Stephen Moehle, Lindsey Campbell 
Monds, David Kelton Moss, Jennifer Rebecca Netherton, Michael Pat- 
rick Rafferty, Katherine Joelle Ross, Leslie Anne Schepp, Tyler Garrett 
Smith, Marissa Sue Teauseau, Christopher Vincent Turregano, Alysha 
Nichelle Wallace, Matthew Layne Wallace, Anne Marie Zapczynski 

Bachelor of Arts: Nicholas Matthew Akins, Kenneshea Brenaye' 
Allums, Allie Lynn Anderson, Brandi Racquel Andrews, Allison Renee 
Austin, Kathryn-Alizabeth C. Baker, Flannery Barlow, Tamara Barlow, 
Libby Kathleen Bloxom, Jerrald Stephen Bonham, John Shaw Bonner, 
Spencer Burns Bostwick, Stacey Lauren Bowers, Morgana Helen 
Broussard, Rebecca Anne Bundrick, Jane Elizabeth Busher, Cole 
Garrett Campbell, John Angelo Cassaro, Michelle C. Christmas, Mat- 
thew C. Chumley, Beth E. Craft, Stuart Jackson Crichton, Austin T Dail, 
Tyler William Davis, Bryan Jordan Day, Maureen E. DeVincenzo, Blake 
Anthony Dickson, Lorna Street Dopson, Charles Christopher Eddy III, 
Andrea Catherine Edgley, Jennifer Dee Flenniken, Janeane Marie 
Gorcyca, Samantha J. Green, Tracy Denise Grissom, William James 
Harvey Aimee Michelle Herzog, Minh Tam Thien Ho, James Allen Hoyt, 
Michael Phillip Jarboe, Colin Ryan Johnson, Todd R. Johnson, Jacob 
Reynold Jones, Thomas Holt Kirkindoll, Elizabeth Ashley Krysiak, Sunny 
Celeste LaGrone, Christopher Thomas LaLonde, Jennifer L. Landry, 
Quinn Alan Larwood, Chelsea Nichole Liles, Rachael Lee Magill, Adam 
Leonard Mastrodomenico, Gissell Azucena Mayorga-Acevedo, Patricia 
K. McAllister, Casey Aaron McBeath,, Rachel Helen McConnell-Swit- 
zer, Colin Alexander McRae, Colin Scott Miller, Zachary Ryan Moffett, 
Lindsey Campbell Monds, Hannah Kate Moore, Rebekah Elise Murphy, 
Jennifer Rebecca Netherton, Christian Alexander Nichols, Christene 
Elizabeth Paxton, Lesley Kay Ragsdale, John Michael Ramsey, James 
Norton Reed, Sally Ann Roach, Katherine Joelle Ross, William T Ross, 
Amy M. San Pedro, Sarah T Savage, Benjamin Paul Scalisi, Leslie 
Anne Schepp, Rachel Kathryn Schofield, Christine Allise Shipp, Mat- 
thew J. Shoptaugh, Jude Michael Simon, Thomas C. P. Skrmetti, Ken- 
dall Elise Smith, Rachel Marlena Stevens, Shannon Marie Stoddard, 
April Lynn Stutts, Douglas Rex Sullivan, Marissa Sue Teauseau, Leah 
Weslyn Tennyson, Allison L. Tharp, Sophia LeAnne Tolliver, Margaret 
L. Vaughan, Raven Nichole Veillon, Carol Y. Verbeek, John Hiram Wad- 
sworth, Alysha Nichelle Wallace, John R. Webb, Michael A. Wheeler, 
Christopher Charles Williams, David M. Williams, Clifton Jared Winkle, 
Leslie R. Wyatt, Anne Marie Zapczynski 



Suneera Kompelli & Dennis Taylor 

.eah Tennyson & Renee Cheveal 

Bachelor of Music: Ashley Nicole Helms, 
Mary Katherine Jones, Christopher Fer- 
rell Alexander Morgan, Michael Patrick 
Rafferty, Christopher Vincent Turregano, 
Amanda Elizabeth Cassidy Wampler, Kait^ 
lyn Adele Westerhaus 

Bachelor of Science: Dina Elham Abo-Zah- 
rah, Ahmad IsamAzzawe, Haley Meredith 
Bassett, Stephanie Kate Beauvais, David 
William Berude, Brittany Ann Blackwell, 
Andrew Karr Bowers, Carl Z. Boyet, Jes- 
sica Lauren Brown, Christopher Owens 
Bryan, Matthew Paul Bumgardner, Darrell 
K. Calhoun, Dane M. Chambers, Lauren 
Ashley Cheaney, Stuart Jackson Crich- 
ton, Jacob Daniel Dawson, Bryan Jordan 
Day, Timothy Ryan Deering, Catherine 
Marie Donnelly, Emerald S. Doria, Kath- 
erine Anne Dougherty, Jared L. Dysart, 
Nicholas D. Faitz, Todd Michael Faulkin- 
berry, Jennifer Dee Flenniken, Leslie Ann 
Forest, Rebekah Alise Gagnard, Phillip 
Emory Goodman, Phillip Emory Good- 
man, Rustin Dale Green, Joseph Dane 
Hagen, Courtney Joy Hawkins, Michael 
C. Haydel, Lance Leron Hill, John Hughes 
Hogan, Richard J. Imperiali, Jeffery Allen 
James, Bethany Janae Joseph, Suneera 
Kompelli, Elizabeth Ashley Krysiak, Sarah 
Mary Kuruvilla, Sarah Catherine Latham, 
Jeffery Clay Malinovsky, Daniel Robert 
Martin, Melanie Joy McCoy, Rebecca 
Lynn McMahen, Colin Alexander McRae, 
Cara Elizabeth Miccoli, Jessica Lauren 
Miller, Mark Stephen Moehle, David Kelton 
Moss, Clayton H. Newell, Kendra Carolyn 
Norman, Alexander D. Opiand, Andrew 
Eugene Osborn, Jennifer Michelle Pate, 
Marco Antonio Rajo Andrade,, Ashley 
Elizabeth Rawson, Dakota James Robin- 
son, Spencer Tyler Saulsbury, Tyler Gar- 
rett Smith, Lauren Elyce Stanley, Raberto 
J. Tabor, Amanda Kemper Thoma, Taylor 
Lynn Torrence, Tuan Ahn Tran, Raven 
Nichole Veillon, Garrett Lane Vick, Mat- 
thew Layne Wallace, Adam D. Walton, 
PhysicsMadeline C. Weatherspoon, Kris- 
tine Elizabeth Weaver, Mark P. C. Weeber, 
Benjamin Tyler Williams, Matthew C. Wil- 
liams, Kenneth Roland Womack II, Karo- 
lina Zaioga, 

jor aII ^pw 


^i Ovaega 

Shannon Stoddard, President 
Rachael Magill, Vice President 
Lorna Dopson, Secretary/Treasurer 
Natasha Sebeyran, Historian 
Scott Gibbs, Webmaster 

Shannon Stoddard 

David Fitzgibbons 

Marissa Brown 

Lorna Dopson 

Rachael Magill 

Emily Mwakitawa 

April Stutts 

Leah Tennyson 

Amy San Pedro 

Natasha Sebeyran 

Scott Gibbs 

Destin Bass 

Jacob Bates 

Rachel Havird 

Emily Slazer 

Chelsea David 

Merwin McCrady 

Lauren Morrison 

This year the theatre honors society finally reactivated 
with the national chapter and had a great year. They 
produced four amazing mainstage productions inculding, 
Never the Sinner directed by Emily Heaugatter, Step on a 
Crack directed by senior theatre major Shannon Stoddard, 
Summer and Smoke directed by guest director Luke Eddy, 
and A New Brain also directed by Emily Heugatter. Alpha 
Psi Omega teamed up with the Shreveport Little Theatre 
to produce A Christmas Carol which was directed by 
Heather Peak Hooper. 

The group also participated in Service Learning where 
Emily Heugatter directed a wonderful production of The 
Tempest which traveled around to reach many different 
people. The American Shakespeare Company on Tour 
came back to campus and brought with them three 
wonderful productions and put on several workshops for y 

The theatre department also hosted their annual Coffee 
House in the Fall and Open Mic Nights during the second 
semester which turned out to be huge successes. The 
group ended the year with the initiation of 1 1 wonderful 
students into the chapter, and the annual theatre b^]uet. 

Alpha LpsIL^mM^B 

rhe National Health Preprofessional Honor Society is 
Jedicated to the encouragement and recognition of 
excellence in preprofessional health scholarship, 
ncluding medicine, dentistry, veterinary, and others, 
rhe Society welcomes all students engaged in the 
pursuit of a professional healthcare career. AED offers 
Opportunities for intellectual and professional 
development, provides a forum for students with 
common interests, and extends a program of service to 
penefit the college community. 

pohn Ashley 
Vhmad Azawwe 
IVndrew Bowers 
yiatthew Bumgardner 
Vesley Carlisle 
Jonathan Carrere 
.auren Cheaney 
'alia Grain 
Jordan Day 
|)ob Grand 
>arah Kuruvilla 
Jarah Latham / 
■tuth Litwinowitcz 
hard McMahen 
:lise McMahen 

Ashley Rawson, President 

Tyler Smith, Vice President 

Andrew Bowers, Treasurer 

Sarah Latham, Secretary 

Rebecca McMahen, Historian 

Jennifer Pate, Web Master 

Rebecca McMahen 
Cara Miccoli 
Kendra Norman 
Jennifer Pate 
Marco Rajo 
Ashley Rawson 
Kelly Reed 
Arielle Schulman 
Tyler Smith 
Taylor Torrence 
Tuan Tran 
Garrett Vick 

HSI^n Jackets 


The Maroon Jackets is an honor organization 
of accomplished Senior Leaders dedicated to 4 
serving Centenary College and the 
community. An organization striving to uphold 
a rich tradition, the Maroon Jackets support 
the College through service. 

Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker ^^- 

Matthew Bumgardner 

Lauren Cheaney 

Sunny LaGrone 

Quinn Larwood 

Rebecca McMahen 

Cara Miccoli 

Rebekah Murphy 

Andy Osborn 

Jennifer Pate 

John Ramsey 

Ashley Rawson 

Tyler Smith 

Marissa Teauseau 

Matthew Wallace 

Kristine Weaver 

National IS^^sidlBli 



"he Centenary College chapter of the National 
Residence Hall Honorary was founded in 2001 . 
NRHH is affiliated with the National Association of 
College and University Residence Halls and 
recognizes residence hall leaders on over 175 
campuses Nationwide. Members are chosen 
based on outstanding leadership and service and 
is limited to one percent of the student body. 

Phi &(fta LaBwl 

The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to provide 
opportunities for postsecondary students to develop 
business-related career competencies and promote 
a sense of civic and personal responsibility. 

Pi PeLtliii 

The purpose of Pi Delta Phi is to recognize 
outstanding scholarship in the French language and 
its literature; to increase the knowledge and 
appreciation of Americans for the cultural 
contributions of the French-speaking world; to 
stimulate and encourage French cultural activities. 


AED Outstanding Contributions Award 
Ashley Rawson 


Bettina C. IHilman, M.D. Award for Academic Excelience 
Taylor Torrence 

CRC Award in Generai Ctiemistry 
Gerhardt Funk and Matthew PIttman 


Pierremont Hills Garden Club Award for Outstanding 
Environmental Service and Sctiolarship 
Malar! Coburn 

Top Accounting Major Award 
Stephanie Beauvals 

Top Business Major Award 
Stuart Crichton 


Outstanding Achievement in Organic Ctiemistry Award 
Charles Madden 

Top Economics Major Award 
Quinn Larwood 

Ctiemistry Academic Award 
Ashley Rawson 

Outstanding Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry Award 
Rebecca McMahen 

J. and Nona Trigg Hodges Choir Spirit Award 
Katie Jones and Andy Osborn 

A.C "Cheesy" Voran Award 
Rachel McConnell-Switzer 

Top Finance Major Award 
Jessica Brown 

Frost School of Business Leadership Award 
Matthew Wallace 

Wall Street Journal Award 
Phillip Goodman 

Cecil E. Ramey, Jr Frost School of Business Award 
Quinn Larwood 

Shannon Brown Award 
Trevor Stine 

Director's Award 
Christene Paxton 


Christian Leadership Center Seniors Award 
Hannah Henderson and Kayla Klaus 

D. L Dykes Founder Award for Excellence in Field Education 
Leah Dark 

James Sears Award for Outstanding Contribution to 
Christian Leadership Center Community 
Rachel McConnell-Switzer 

Woodrow W. Pate Economics Award 

Riley Adams, Lauren Highsmith, Noah O'Dell 

Escaped Images Dance Scholarship 
Tamara Mayer 

Hallquist Elementary Education Award 
Alysha Wallace 

Vroonland Secondary Education Award 
Sunny LaGrone 

M. T. Brewerton Award for English 
Libby Bloxon and Colin Miller 




Zeak Monroe Buckner Creative Writing Award 
Allison Tharp 

Thomas E., Esther Horton & Stephen T Victory Scholarship 
Lea Richmond 

P. B. Lindsey Freshman English Award 
Lea Richmond 

Audrey M. Smith Endowed Poetry Award 
Costas Dafnis 


First Year Experience Outstanding Paper Award 
Kyle Kraemer 

Estwing Award 
David Moss 

Austin Sartin Award 
John Michael Callen 


Dr Victoria LeFevers Health and Exercise Science Pre- 
Allied Health Award 
Jennifer Pate 

Dr. David L Bedard Health and Exercise Science Award 
Mark Weeber 


Chris T. and Sue C. Bamette Memorial Award 
Kelly Dunnigan 

Colonial Dames of America, Chapter 6 
Outstanding American History Student Award 
Linda Bird 

M. T. Brewerton Award for History 
Spencer Bostwick and Sarah Savage 

Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul, Haines & Carmouche Pre-Law 


A. J. Scamp 

Excellence in Political Science Award 
Carrie Verbeek 

Virginia Carlton Mathematics Award 
Charles Madden 


Minnie \-ioii Brown and Wiiey Bush Brown, Jn Award 
Jacob Jennings 


Jotin A. Hardin Award 
Carl Boyet 

Shiriey IHawn Endowed Music Schoiarship 
Cara Lamb 

Frank Carroli Memoriai Endowed Sclnoiarship 
Jennifer DeLancy 

Ronaid E. Dean Academic Achievement Award 
Lucy Fliegel 

Outstanding Senior Music Major Award 
Vincent Turregano 

Poppy K. Moon Endowed Award 
Brandi Candler and Kathryn Craigo 

Jeffrey Trahan Physics Award 
Francis J. Petitto 

Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award 
Tommie Ho 

Vrooniand Psychoiogy Award 
Anne Zapczynski 

Epworth Award 
Marissa Teauseau 


Dean R. E. Smith Reiigious Studies Award 
Rachel McConnell-Switzer, Rachel Stevens 

C. Wright Miils Award 
Matthew Akins 


Dr W. Ferreil Pledger i-ionor Award in Sociology 
Kenneshea Allums and Matthew Akins 


Athletic Achievement Award 
Jessica Brown and Quinn Larwood 

Thomas A. Pitt Memorial Award 
Marissa Teauseau 



John M. Warren Award 
Taylor Gilmour 

International Outreach Award 
Sarah Savage 

Centenary College Student Service Award 
Jennifer Pate and Matthew Wallace 

Resident Assistant of the Year 
Ashley Lynch 

CAB General Board Member of the Year 
Jessica Hunter 

CAB Executive Council Member of the Year 
Sarah Kuruvilla 


Teutsch-Riser Award for a Non-Traditional Student 
Sandy Roach 

Student Life Award for Outstanding Senior Contributor 
Suneera Kompelli, Sunny LaGrone and Cara Miccoli 

Nan Christian Award 

Wesley Carlisle and Marci McMahen 

Faculty-Staff Honorary Maroon Jackets 
Leslie Cothren, Benny Vaughan 

Ray Williams Honorary Maroon Jacket Award 
Suneera Kompelli 

Joy Jeffers Award 

Cara Miccoli and Andy Osborn 

Maroon Jackets 2010-201 1 

Riley Adams, Madalyn Allen, Anna Andreen, Matt 
Blanchard, Wesley Carlisle, Talia Crain, Kristin DiGioia, 
Kelly Dunnigan, Robert Grand, Matthew Keus, Kristy 
Lopez, Virginia- Kate Mather, Tamara Mayer, Elise 
McMahen, Marci McMahen, Emily McManus, Clay 
Mills, Nicole Popp, Katherine Shamburger, Maegan 
"Meg" Shanks, Ryan Sparks 

SGA Bullet Award 
Matt Blanchard 


Anna Andreen, Mellynn "Faye" Baker, Matt Blanchard, 
Matt Bumgardner, Drew Burnham, Kristin DiGioia, 
Michael Jarboe, Michelle Junot, Suneera Kompelli, 
Sunny LaGrone, Quinn Larwood, Virgina Kate Mather, 
Cara Miccoli, Aurora Owen, Jennifer Pate, Michael 
Rafferty, John Ramsey, Ashley Rawson, Brandon Sepul- 
vado, David Williams, Chris Lavan, Mary Sue Rlx 
Centenary Lady and Centenary Gent 
Suneera Kompelli and David Williams 

Verba J. Schwab Memorial Endowed Leadership 
Mellynn Baker 

Ellis H. Brown Leadership Award 
Quinn Larwood and Cara Miccoli 

■■ ■ ■■IW^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^^ I i ll l ! HI It l lilHlilll 

^•Z/ 2010 Annual 

I .mdpocation 

torn Memorial Chqd 


Pacesetters are students and members of the faculty and 
staff recognized and nominated by the Ladies & Gents for 
their contributions to Centenary through leadership, scho- 
lastic achievement and service. Congratulations to all of 
our 2010 Pacesetters, and thanks for all you do! 


Brandon Sepulvado sophomore 

Major: Sociology & Philosophy 
Minor: Gender Studies & 
Political Science 

Diversity Committee 


Centenary in a Word: Unique 

In Retrospect, I'm glad 
I was so involved. 

Anna Katharine Awdree 



Communication: New Media 

Minor: Studio Art 

Centenary in a Word: 

VirgiMia-Kate Mather 

Major: French 
Chi Omega Minor: Music ' 

Order of Omega 
Maroon Jackets 
Centenary Musical Theater Group 

In retrospect, I'd rather live in thei 
present than dwell on the past. 

Centenary in a Word: United 

Jennifer Pate 

Major: Health & 
Exercise Science 
Minor: Biology 

Chi Omega 

The Big Event 

Honor Court 


Student Ambassador 

Maroon Jackets 

Order of Omega 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Centenary in a Word: 

Favorite Thing about 
Centenary: The close-knit 
community provides smiles 
across campus, friends for a 
lifetime, and opportunities one 
could only dream about. 

Zeta Tau Alpha VPI 

Cross Country Runner 

Pre-Law Society 

Homecoming Committee 

Student Government Association Senator 

In retrospect, nothing lasts forever. So 

live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, take 

chances and never have regrets because 

at some point you'll realize everything you 

did was exactly what you wanted. 





Chi Omega President 
Pandora Literary 
Arts Magazine 
Maroon Jackets 
Hip Hop 
Dance Classes 
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 
Studio Art 

In retrospect, there have been tough times as well as 
good ones, but someone has always been by my side. 
I've overexerted myself stressing about details, 
deadlines and grades that I shouldn't have and 
doubted my talents when I needed them the most. I've 
stayed up late with friends to learn what living really is 
and lost sleep just to make a few more memories. 
Though life may not be perfect, it is what I make it, 
and I wouldn't change a thing. 

Favorite Thing about Centenary: 
I know everyone! 

Centenary in a Word: Community 

Resident Assistant 


Student Ambassador 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Volunteer for the Glen Retirement 



Majors: Art and Visual Culture 
& Museum Management 
Minor: History 

Kristin l^i&ioia 

Ashley Rawson 

Major: Biochemistry 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Maroon Jackets 
Chemistry Club 

In Retrospect, I wish 

the four years hadn't 

gone by so fast. 

Centenary in a Word: Home 

Centenary in a Word: 



Theta Chi Fraternity I 
Maroon Jackets ■ ^ , 

Student Ambassador ^' 


Major: New Media Communications 

JR Ramsey 

Faye "MellyMw" Uaker 


Major: Political Science 

Minor: History 

Centenary in a word: Eclectic 


Major: Spanish 

Minor: Education 

Chi Omega 
Best Week Ever . ^ ; 

Coordinator ' * 

Student Involvement Intern 
Christian Leadership Center 

I Favorite Thing about Centenary: How no one 
1 is the same! 

SuHhy La&rone 


Pacesetters are students and members of the faculty and 
staff recognized and nominated by tine Ladies & Gents for 
their contributions to Centenary through leadership, scho- 
lastic achievement and service. Congratulations to all of 
our 2010 Pacesetters, and thanks for all you do! 

■liiii ii iMiii i iiwiiiJkiiiiiaiM 


Major: Political Science & 


Kappa Sigma 
Student Government 

Association Treasurer 
Intramurals Ref 

Pre-Law Society ^ 

Student Ambassador 
Phi Sigma Alpha j 

Conduct Review Committee '*^ 

Centenary in a Word: Opportunity 

i. Kf % "^ ■^-.^ j^^^^'^ .-•t.^^w 

Suneera Kowpelli 

Favorite Thing about 
Centenary: Skeeter 

Centenary in a 
Word: Opportunity 

Major: Biology 
Minor: Religious Studies 


Student Life Intern 
Blogging Director 
Springboard Leadership Team 

Best Week Ever 

Leadership Team 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Up 'til Dawn 

Student Government Association 

Cara Miccoli 

Major: Biochemistry 

In retrospect, if I were asked to 
make the decision to attend 
Centenary once again, my 
answer would be yes. 

Prcw IJurwhaw Y Matthew UuwgardMer 

Major: Biology 

I am really glad I came to 
Centenary because I was able to 
develop & connect with so many 
wonderful people. 

Kappa Sigma 

Maroon Jackets 

Order of Omega 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Conduct Review Committee 

Best Week Ever Staff 


TKE President 
TKE Philanthropy Chair 
BIG Event Team Leader 
BWE Leadership Team 
Student Life Intern 

SGA Senator 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Order of Omega 


Fighting Squirrels 

In retrospect, I probably should 
have studied a littler more. 

Centenary in a Word: Home 


^^sg^agsa ^ g^^as aaa 




Hardin Hall Director 

Cross Country 

Chemistry Club 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Maroon Jackets 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Favorite Thing about Centenary: The small 
Centenary community allows all students to 
get involved and fall in love with this school. 
Anyone and everyone can have the best 
college experience here at Centenary! *^ 

Centenary in a Word: Family 

Michelle Junot 


Major: Communication: 

Professional Writing & Dance 

Chi Omega 

Yoncopin Editor-in-Chief 

Media Committee 

Student Government Association 

ViP External Affairs 
Homecoming Committe Chairman 
Conduct Review Committee 
Best Week Ever Leadership Team 

Centenary in a Word: Changing 

Aurora Owen 

Matthew IJIawchard 
Michael >larboe 
Quinn Larwood 

Chris Lavan 
Mary Sue Rix 

f Pavid Williaws 

I Senior 

I Majors: 

I History & French 


Majors: Psychology 

Swim Team 

Zeta Tau Alpha 


In Retrospect, I shouldn't 

have stressed over grades 

so much; it's all about the 


Centenary in a Word: Eclectic 

Favorite Thing 

about Centenary: 

The community of 

students/the music 


Centenary in a 
Word: Tutelage 

Stepping Stones 
_ ^ ^ Modeling 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
Chrstian Leadership Center 

Major: Vocal Music Education 
Minor: Modeling 

Michael Rafferty 




Greek Life 


^ ) K J 


^ J 


^ J 



w__ J 


\ J V. 








Kristin DiGioia, Contributing Writer 

The National Panliellenic Conference (NPC) is an organization dedicated to the 
Greeic community. NPC strives to unite all members of Greek letter sororities by 
empowering and enriching the lives of women. Panhellenic promotes the four pillars 
of sisterhood: Service, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sisterhood. 

The Panhellenic Association of Centenary College promotes the high standards of 
NPC through programming, community outreach, and the development of leaders 
among Greek women. Our college Panhellenic also serves as a liaison between 
Greek sororities and other campus offices like IPC (Interfraternity Conference), the 
Office of Student Life and the Admissions Office among others. 

This year our Panhellenic has been responsible for the implementation of Greek 

Tours during Preview Weekend, a new cooperative format for Recruitment 

Workshops, a Tanhellenic program emphasizing that Greeks share the same 

interests and together with IPC and the Office of Student Life a Greek Night at the 

Robinson Film Center celebrating and recognizing the outstanding Greek 

community at Centenary College. We're looking forward to a great recruitment in the 

fall of 2010! 

President, Kristin DiGioia 

VP of Recruitment, Jennie DeLancy 

VP of Public Relations, Aurora Owen 

Secretary/Treasurer, Nicole Popp 

Chi Omega Delegates, Leah Dark & Meg Shanks 

Zeta Tau Alpha Delegates, Laila Al-Dubais & Kayla Tibaldo 

Jesse Gilmore, President 
Daniel Ewing, VP of Internal Affairs 
Kurt Thomas, VP of External Affairs 
Matt Bourgeois, Secretary/Treasurer 
Eric Murphy, Publicity Officer 
Taylor McCook, KA Delegate 
Anuj Chaniyara, KE Delegate 
Sam Bonham, Theta Chi Delegate 
Eddie Hope, IKE Delegate 

*; ^^^#^^;i 


?/ #■ 

: '-^^sm^^' 





i^^t" ! »4W^ OiJiiESM 

nhm Cheers for Zeta Tau Alpha! 

Senior ZTAs and their New Members running down tine iiill. 







We AreFaiHlIyi 

Marissa Torrez, Marissa Teauseau, & 
Michelle Junot 


Jennifer Flenniken & David Willianns 

Worthy of a 5-Poiwt Crown 

Millicent Davis & Roumta Odisho 







I Hoot, Scoot ^ Poogie ■■■ f/ 

Nicole Popp, Brittany Btacl<wJ^KOhew Keus, KA Baker, Macy 
Stockton, Brool<e Hudsmitli, Robert Poole, Phyllis Hafer, & Meg Shanks A 



Anna Connell, Contributing Writer 

The Chi Omega fraternity is a 
sisterhood that provides a network of 
friends and lifelong development for 
collegiate and alumnae members. 
We, the lota Gamma chapter, "follow" 
this mission statement "to a t." Chi 
Omega is committed to: personal 
integrity, excellence in academic and 
intellectual pursuits, inter-generation 
participation, community service, 
leadership opportunities, and social 
enrichment. We participate in many 
campus events including 
Homecoming, intramural sports, and 
Miss-ter Centenary. 

« i^ 

Senior Ladies 

Sunny LaGrone, Shannon Stoddard, KA Baker, Kaitlyn Westerhaus, Brittany 
g 'Biackwell, Flannery Barlow, Bekah Murphy, Marissa Torrez, Jenny Netherton, 
[ Hannah Moore, Jennifer Pate, Marissa Teauseau, Sara Kuruvilla 

r «^> 



ff CincodeChiO 

Shannon Stoddard, Kartey Aiken, 
Colleen Watts, & Stephanie Boyd 

We also have a sisterhood retreat 
during the fall semester as well as an 
auction benefitting our philanthropy: 
Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the 
spring semester we gather with the 
Shreveport alumnae chapter at 
Eleusinian, a brunch to recognize our 
senior and newly initiated members. 
Throughout the entire year we strive 
to provide the women of Chi Omega 
with the tools to succeed 
academically and we are proud to 
have the highest all-campus GPA for 
7 semesters in a row. 

HoweeomiMg B- &umbo 

Katie Hunter, Anna Connell, Madeline Fletcher 



J All Together Nowf 

% The Woman of ZTA on Bid Day 

■4 i 



ay '. ' -.^,'x ■ 1 


^,* ^ , -J 



«is^a^B»«-!;: i^B 



■^^^■^^^«n i H 

t_ / 




f '";^ li^T^^'* 

s-'^it ^- 


i^ii* ^ 

*-; .^^'^^ 

^ ' 

■^' i 


J -"^ '■ i^U Mft' ^ 


.fcs .<<^. 












o s 


le (Jure 







leera komniil& Kristin DiGioia 

Mellynn Baker, Contributing Writer 

Zeta Tau Alplia is the oldest female fraternity on Centenary 
College of Louisiana's campus. Zeta's beloved symbols 
include the five point crown, the strawberry, and the white . 
violet. The ladybug and Raggedy Ann are the mascots j 

exclusive to the Beta lota chapter. The official colors § re 
turquoise blue and steel gray. 


The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha hold their upstanding name 
with various on- and off-campus services and activities. 
For the past five years, we have raised over ten thousand 
dollars annually towards the national philanthropy, Breast 
Cancer Research and Awareness. Along with our national 
philanthropy, we actively participate in service projects 
every month, including giving Christmas presents to ^ 
underprivileged children and making Valentine's Day cards 
for the residents of Holy Angels. The sisters of Zeta Tau 
Alpha have an upstanding 100% participation rate in other 
clubs and organizations on campus, including Best 
Buddies, Maroon Jackets, AED, and many athletic teams. 

Not only are the ladies of Zeta tau Alpha committed to 
community service and campus involvement, but we are 
also actively committed to one another. Throughout the 
year we plan sisterhoods, formals and themed parties, and 
pledge class events. Above all else, one of the main values 
upheld by the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha is, "LOVE! The 
greatest of all things!" ^ , ^ ^ ' U 

r*w a Zr A! 

Jessica Jones, Jessica Miller, Suneera Kompelli, Abigail Haeckei, Allison 
Austin, Sarah Fontenot, Tamara Barlow, Tommie H|), & Tamara Mayer 



1\ ■%■$ 0% » 

IB^^M^' -^ '■ ^^B Jiv ' * "^ ^^ 


)ld Sooth 

rhe Men of Kappa Alpha 
3t their annual formal. 

9id Pay 

New Members on 

Bid Day with the 

Chapter of Kappy 

Alpha Order 

Dave Wyatt, Contributing Writer 

^In the 2009-10 school year, the gentlemen of the 
Kappa Alpha Order returned to business as ^.j 
usual. Armed with a large new pledge class w 
were ready to increase the number of Southern 
t Gentlemen on campus. ^«ik^^ 

The Kappa Alpha Order lives by its motto "Dieu 
et les Dames" and was ready to show it to 
y yone. The Order welcomed anyone into their 
house with a smile and handshake or a hug, and 
was ready to begin the year properly with their 
annual Jungle Part ^ ~ 


n the second spring semester the Order added .^^ 
one more man to their ranks and now enjoys a 
^ very large number of men in their ranks. The "^^ 

«^pKappa Alpha Order now looks forward to the 

future and wants to continue to spread Iheir iB^i^ 
excellent reputation on campus 

r Mk 

'£it# ^\ 

•-Ja^ L.* J ^ '^Siv 




'!» ,!• 

c^^Mj n, 

■^ ^%mmmmm ^ ^ A^mA fm .mimmmm.^»Mmm^ 





&A • 

# JS^ MM^^ ^m^tm MSSIm^ JK^K^- 

Kappa Sigtvia Fortnal 

Jay Frazier, Macy Stockton, Kristin Digioia, IVIatthew Bumgardner, Jeridan Green, Bi 
IVIcMahen, Anuj Chaniyara, Cody Wolfe, Sarali Lerchie, Sunny Wolfe, & Will Young ' 






"^^ 1: -•• -41' 

3 iifs^--- ^^ 

Zac Cowsert, Contributing Writer 

-"t^* t. '-■■■V.*.' .v'' 




Weekend Getaway 

Jonathan Caerere,' Caitlin Cavarra, Jade 
Dupre, Jesse Gilmqre,tioah O'Dell 

The Epsilon Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity seeks to 
exemplify the Kappa Sigma principles of Fellowship, 
Leadership, Scholarship, and Service, as well as make 
Centenary's social scene just a little more lively! In regards 
I to all of these pursuits, the past year has been a resounding 
success. Picking up strong pledge classes in both the fall 
and spring, our Chapter was proud to welcome nine new 
Brothers to our Fraternity! In the fall, the Sig Halloween 
Smash was a blast. In the spring, our long-held South Seas 
was incredible, for the first time bringing the sand party 
both outdoors and indoors! Our annual Sig Sale, the 
auctioning off of strapping young Kappa Sigma men to 
throngs of screaming ladies, raised an unprecedented $700, 

all of which was donated to the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign, 
aiding wounded military veterans. Our formal, held at Lake DeGray in 
Arkansas, provided a relaxing weekend getaway to cap the year off! 

The Brothers of Kappa Sigma honored themselves quite thoroughly this 
past year, with Brothers involved in SGA, Honor Court, RA, 
Ambassadors, Springboard and Orientation. The Sigs were also 
athletically involved, with Brothers on the Centenary cross country, golf, 
lacrosse, soccer, and swim teams, as well as bringing home the coveted 
title of Intramural Champs! Sigs posted strong showings on the Dean's 
List and won numerous academic awards from both the school and 
Kappa Sigma Nationals. 

Although we set the bar high for 2009-2010, we look forward to achieving 
even greater heights next year! 




heir dates at formal. 


H ^R. .^m^ K «,« 

K^ ^^m 



■^ ^ 

[New Members / Up; 

jGreg Jackson, Andrew Jarboe, Matt Vollentine, Eddie Hope, Joshua | 
lAtkins, Eric IViurphy, Jordan Pope, & Conely Hataway 

&roup Hug 

I Jordan Gurren, Conely Hataway, Randy Schmidt, & Andrew Jarboe 

Fearless Leaders 

David Williams & Alex Tan 

artel le| 

im w 

\Wx\q Writei 

The^lota Theta ChapteFWTauTKap 
Epsilon fraternity consists of a diverse 
group of men who all cherish three 
principles above all else: love, chari 
and esteem. The members of Tau | 
Kappa Epsilon come from all walks d. 
life. Some excel in the classroom, \" 
some perform in Choir or Camera^ 

I mnrni n rilTiTM L^ 

several are surprisingly good ai 
sports. This year TKE initiated ei^h 
new members in the fall and two in^Tve 

The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon raise 
over $1500 for Alzheimer researc 
during their fifth annual poker 
tournament benefitting the Ronald and 
Nancy Reagan Alzheimer's found^i(^ 
reclaimed their title as soccer ^ f 
intramural champions, and of courie 
threw some amazing parties, ^^m 
Graveyard, Detention, and Toga were 
resounding successes, and TKE's 
annual formal, the Red Carnation Ball 
held in TexarkaiBaswas one of the be ' 

Ah Ahnual Tradition 

Every year during Homecoming Weekend, Active 
and Alumni TKEs battle it out on the football field! 





^ fR^^^£^g^-^%, 

'i \' 



iWclcowe to the Family 

Big brothers with their new littles in Brown Chapel 

IJoys Will U ^oys 

Tim Lanza, Gerhardt Funk, Joshua Rabalais, Taylor 
Pahis,,aleb Gaston, Ahmad Azzawe, & Sam Bonham 

dangerous PJ? 

Ahmad Azzawe 


All Pressed Up 

iMembers of Theta Chi and their dates at their annual formal 

% Caleb Gaston, 
Contributing Writer 

The Eta Riio Chapter of 
Theta Chi Fraternity is 
an academically driven 
fraternity with a very 
close-nit brotherhood. 
This past year we have 
initiated 13 new 
members and are 
continually growing! 
Everyone in our 
Fraternity lives by our 
motto "The Helping 
Hand," which is what 
we have always 
extended if we saw 
anyone that needed our 
help! The symbol of 
Theta Chi is the red 
carnation and the 
mascot is the 
rattlesnake, the colors 
of our fraternity are 
Military Red and White 
as well. Every year we 
host a fundraising 
event which is called 
Rock Out. Its when we 
I bring in a band to raise 
money that will go to 
certain charities. The 
main organization we 
support is the American 
Cancer Society. Eta 
Rho is not just about 
grades though, we all 
like to cut lose and 
hang out whenever we 
have a chance and that 
is what truly makes us 
a brotherhood! 


Freshmen Senators 

I-- Storm i Adcox 

Mellynn Baker 

Kendall Hughes 

Kayla Klaus 

Charles Madden 

nlc Mike Vaughn 

lomore Senators 

' ^^ !slitV0t!lt60'^®"y"" Baker 
. i I r I Kristin Boesch 

nior Senators r ^ Jesse Gilmore 
. Brooke Hudsmith 

"^^^ Randall White 

Junior Senators 1 
Matt Blancharc| 
Dragan Hinic ^ 
Claire Mathes ^^ 
Nicole Popp 
Catherine Walsh 

II su 

Senior Senators ^ ^ ( ' 

Austin Dail/ ^ ^ 

Rustin Greenstitution of higher 

Suneera \ ^ ^i- l 

Kompeiii : lercDy estaDiis \ 

ujKevey ^^ ^•^'^ COnStltUtlOr 
Kaitlyn ^ 

Westerhaus ' """ IV Of Len~ 

DJ Pevey 
David Williams 


Mattha^Waliace, President 
Marco Rajo, VP of Internal Affairs 
Michelle Junot,^j 

VP of External /^^ (Fa 1) . 
Suneera Kompeiii, J^ 

VP of External Affairs (Spring) 
Drew Burnham, TreasuiB^ 
Misty Lane, Secretary^ ^P 
Leslie Cothren, Adviser 

Student Government Association 

Matthew Wallace, Contributing Writer 

This year the SGA has made an effort to be the 
best representatives for all students. At our fall 
retreat we adopted a new mission statement for 
ourselves to reflect this idea. We felt that SGA is 
a diverse group of student advocates who com- 
municate effectively, offer innovative solutions, 
and provide appropriate resources to better the 
Centenary Community. During the fall semester 
we helped students at orientation get to know 
President Rowe, moved our meetings to the 
Whited Room to increase visibility, and had our 
committees focus on how to engage individu' 
als both on and off campus. SGA led the charge 
into the second semester declaring it the year of 
the student. The first visible sign of this was the 
annual Homecoming celebration which is spon- 
sored each year by Student Government. This 
year's theme "Laissez les bon temps rouler" 
was a great way for Centenary to celebrate its 
Louisiana heritage and bring together groups 
across the campus. In addition to Homecoming, 
SGA used student fees for several campus-wide 
student appreciation days providing Humphries, 
snow cones, Happy Belly's, and rides to class. 
Along with external campus improvements, SGA 
focused on improving internal processes. We 
revised the constitution, developed new finan- 
cial policies, and saw that the student handbook 
was fair and balanced for all students. All in all 
SGA had a successful year and is poised to help 
lead the premier student experience for the 21st 

Residence Hall Association 

Dylan Davis, Contributing Writer i 

RHA held some big events in 2009-2010. 
The organization had its biggest program 
of the year, Diversity Week, which included 
different activities for each day of the week 
including a diversity fair at the end of the 
week. The program was a success! RHA 
also held Halloween Hoopla, which invited 
children to come have Halloween treats 
while they watched a Centenary Gents bas- 
ketball game. In addition to holding pro- 
grams, RHA also implemented a recycling 
program campus wide for all of the Resi- 
dence Halls. This change fostered a green 
movement that is sure to build in the coming 
years. RHA is an organization on campus 
that is dedicated to making changes within 
the Residence Halls as well as holding fun 
programs for all of the residents. 

Centenary Activities Board (CAB) is a student run organization 
whose mission is to bring fun and free activities to campus for 
'I students. CAB brings performers like Comedian Jay Black or 
Slam Poet John Goode, shows movies like "Accepted", and 
holds events like Casino Night or Miss-ter Centenary, 

Centenary's annual drag show. 

I ( 

There are two festival weeks during the school year which are 

P week-long themed programs. Freak Week happens even 

October and this year's theme was A Galaxy Far, Far Away 

There was a hypnotist, an oxygen bar, and even a Jedi Traininc 

seminar. Spring Fling is usually in the Spring and this year the 

them was Recess. The week was dedicated to the best part of 

Kindergarten besides nap. There were games like the Floor ifi 

Lava, students built forts in the SUB, and there was a movie in 

the Fitness Center pool. 

i Capping the year off, CAB put together a carnival/concert fo. 

Jurrent and prospective students. Performers MaryAnne Marino, 
Oso Close, Three Day Weekend, and Antennas Up played set# 
^ while students enjoyed an organizational carnival with fun 
Ik inflatables. 

Executive Council /"^ 

President-Thomas Skrmetti / 

Vice-President-Katherine Sliamburger / 

Secretary/Treasurer-Sarah Kuruvilla 

Volunteer Coordinator--Jude Simon / 

Event Planner-Gazes Verbois 

Event Planner-Caleb Gaston 

Advisers-Patrick McCuller & Leslie Cothreh 


[Thomas Skrmetti 

'■ srs^aBj-asay^jg'-j 

General Board 
Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker 
Jessica Hunter 
Raven Veillon 

___ 'e Director-Suneera Kompeili 
Logistics Chair-Tyler Smith 
Entertainment Chair-Phyllis Haferi 
Public Relations Chair-Tamara Mayeri 
Sponsorship Chairs-Noor Azzawe & Kristy Lopezi 
Recruitment Chairs-Jonathan Carrere & Keiiv Reed! 



r J 




« v 







r^r^^aS;^- -^^ 



'^ ^' vr^ m 

J^l^^^ -m^^ 




^*-*«!(. i 




Ix! a hero 

St. Jude Children's 
Research Hospital 

ALSAC * Dannv Thomo, Foundtr 

All photos on these pages are 
from Up 'til Dawn's fundraising 
night at Shreveport's Chili's. 



St. Jude Children's Reseach Hospital was founded in 1962 by Danny 
Thomas, who believed that "No child should die in the dawn of life." 
There have been so many advancements since Danny built his 'm 
hospital. Acute lymphobloastic leukemia, or ALL, is the most common 
type of childhood cancer, and the survival rate has increased from 4% 
(in 1962) to 94%. That is truly amazing! St. Jude shares all their M 
information, to try to help all the children of the world. 9 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital treats children at absolutely W 
cost to their families. When a family walks in to the hospital with their 
sick child, they are told not to worry about the money, and that it is all 
taken care of. St. Jude takes about $1 million dollars to run per day, 
so they need support to keep them running. 

Up Til Dawn is an organization that raises money for the children at 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to make sure that they never 
have to pay a cent to get the treatment they need. To help, each 
participant gathered addresses for at least 35 friends and family. At 
the Up Til Dawn Event, we provided the participant with letters that 
they could write to those people that they knew asking them to send a 
donation to St. Jude. This year the Up Til Dawn event raised over ^ 
$7,000! We hope ■ • - - ■ » 





^i^^'^^^M^^^. '-"- 


T|^^S ^j .^. t . 



feiX K 




The members of Outreach celebrate diversity and envision a society 

that embraces everyone, including those of diverse sexual 

orientations and gender identities. Only with respect, dignity and 

equality for all will we reach our full potential as human beings, 

individually and collectively. Outreach welcomes the participation and 

support of all who share in, and hope to realize thia vision. 

Outreach promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual 

and transgender and heterosexual persons by providing: support, to 

cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed 

public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil 

rights Outreach provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual 

orientation and gender identity, and acts to create a society that is 

healthy and respectful of human diversity. Outreach also provides 

education on all types of sexual health in educating our campus and 

the community about how to enjoy safe sexual experience, regardless 

of an individual's choice of partner, and therefore also provides a 

tolerant and open service for the campus and community, so that all 

persons may have an opportunity for education on individual sexual 

health no matter their preference. 

Outreach's goals involve creating a world in which young people may 

grow up and be educated with freedom from fear of violence, bullying 

and other forms of discrimination, regardless of their real or perceived 

gender identity or sexual orientation or that of their families. Outreach 

partners with organizations in the community such as PFLAG and 

PACE to ensure this goal. Outreach will strive to work toward full 

inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons within 

their chosen communities of faith, and to expose these communities 

to the truth of these individuals, in order to deter ignorance, 

misgivings, irrational fear, bullying and violence. Outreach attempts to 

create a campus in which all GLBT persons may openly and safely 

pursue their interests and may accomplish any goal that may be 

within his/her/their ambition. Through this goal outreach hopes to 

create a society in which all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender 

persons may enjoy, in every aspect of their lives, full civil and legal 

equality and may participate fully in all the rights, privileges and 

obligations of full citizenship in this country. 

Emily Willet, 


Kay Simon, 


Belcali IVIurphy, 


Brittany Blackwell, 

Vice President 

Donna Nelson, 








f. •• 







Centenary Chem Club is an organization designed to bring 
together students interested in chemistry and science in general. 
You do not have to be a chemistry major to join. Our purpose is 
to provide a place of belonging for chemistry and science 
students alike. 


National Chemistry Week 


Sciport Training @ 7pm on Mickle 3rd Floor with Dr. Ticich 

Tuesday - Dr. Lawrence Research Talk at 1 1 :00am in 

Mickle 114 

Wednesday - Exploding Pumpkins 5:00pm on the Caf Deck 

Thursday - Periodic Table of Cupcakes at 1 1 :00am on 3rd 

floor Mickle 

Friday - Sciport Volunteer Event from 9:00am - 1 :30pm 


CCCS333 ETDl] 








TKSiBlfi^sigsianaigrfeniistrY Circus 

- y" 





i ^piljisl*^^^ 





The purpose of The Society of 
Physics Students is to increase 
the experience of both physics 
and non-physics students at 
Centenary College through 
fundraising and the 
programming of engaging 
events. This year's two major 
events were the egg drop 
contest in November and the 
Circus put on in April, co- 
sponsored by the Chemistry 

■PsyfiliDlAgy/ GOmO) 

The Psychology Club and Psi Chi chapter, the 
national honor society in psychology, organizes 
student activities, including movie nights, 
practice GRE sessions, and informational ^ 

meetings about graduate schools and career 
opportunities. We also have a paid research 
assistanceship position within the department to "^ 
professionally-relevant experience. 

Laila Al-Dubais 
Taylor Gilmour 
Mary Guerrant 
Amy Herzog 
Donald Julien 
Aurora Owen 
Cady Redman 
Nicolette Rogers 
Maggie Vaughan 
Megan Webber 
Nathan Yacovissi 

Taylor Gruner, President 

Katharine Shamburger, VP of Social Events 

Kay Simon, VP of Academic & Professional Development 

Megan Davis, Secretary/Treasurer 

Alicia Ivanic, Officer of Public Relations 

Nath & Computer 
Science GIdQ) I 

The mission of the Math and Computer Science Club is to provide 
an organization to foster and promote interest in Mathematics and 
Computer Science by having forums to discuss career 
opportunities in these fields, and to have professionals in these 
fields to discuss their work applications or to discuss topics of 
interest. Further, the faculty advisers encourage students to attend 
professional meetings in mathematics and computer science and 
to participate in these meetings by presenting their research. Also, 
students are encouraged to participate in contests involving 
problem-solving or programming. 




The Philosophy Discussion Group of Centenary College promotes 
thoughtful discussion between students that will lead to a more 
meaningful and complete understanding of the world around them. 


The purpose of the Pre-law Society is to organize and orient 
students interested in law and related professions and to provide 
information to students regarding the workings of the legal system 
and professional schools.This year a variety of speakers came. 
Those speakers included, Attorney Lee Aronson from Northwest 
Louisiana Legal Services speaking on his pro bono work, Attorney 
John Hodge speaking on "Being a Lawyer in the 21st century" and 
law school student Amanda Murphy, discussing life as a law 
student. The pre-law society also hosted Judge Robert M. Parker 
for Constitution day, and concluded the year by promoting a 
practice LSAT at the Kaplan center. 

Carrie Verbeek, President 
Austin Dail, Vice President 
IVIellynn Baker, Secretary 
Dr. Grunes, Treasurer/Adviser 



CMHdlic Student Organiza^^^^^^^ Catholic religious group on 

I Centenary's campus. All students, faculty, and staff are invited to 
articipate in the group's activities and meetings. This year, CSO met 
weekly to discuss various topics such as the Cathecism and Bible, and 
I met for Mass at least once a month with their chaplain, Fr. Peter 

Mangum from St. John Berchman's Cathedral. Members met outside 
of the usual meetings to make mailbox r^^^-^—^--^-^ ^— 
J stuffers for the incoming Catholi J 
ireshman, painted posters in the SUB to 
remind students of Mass, and maintained | 
tab es at severa of the college's I 
i organization fairs. They also joined iri 
M owship for a Lenten retreat off-campus, 
I in which they enjoyed pizza (cheese, of 
course for LQnt!) and y^ripys ^^^^^^^^^^ 

Marcy Guerrant, William 
Blake Brucchaus, & 
Olivia Bozzant 

Photos are from CWU's 
March for the Maji Event 

Three Day Weekend 


Krista McKinny 
Rebekah Bogdanoff 
Mary Guerrant 
Rebecca Jordan 
Jordan Williams 
Emily Willet 

Christine Cumming, 

CWU Leader 

Meg Shanks, Lauren 
McCarty & Anna Connell 

Olivia Bozzant 
William Blake Brucchaus 
Mary Guerrant 
Will Leonard 
Charles Madden 
Marissa Torrez 
Colleen Watts 

Christine Cumming, 
Contributing Writer 

Centenary Women United is an all 

women's Bible study that meets once a 

week. This year they began their study with 

Genesis 1 and continued reading and 

discussing a chapter each week. Every 

month the entire group had a sleepover, 

watched and discussed movies, ate pizza, 

and bonded. 


\::;^20uD3[ri [DdQflG3cD 

Fr. Peter Mangum, Chaplain 
Dr. Peter Huff, Faculty Acjviser 
Mary Guerrant, Student Cbordinator 


This is an ecumenical worship service open to all who seek to 
encounter God through songs, scripture, and communion. We 
strive to be a theologically welcoming community sharing the love 
of Christ with all. Services are held every Tuesday at 11 :10 a.m. in 
Brown Chapel and conclude with communion starting August 25th. 

UMSM meets Monday nights at 5:00 p.m. in the Religious Life 
Center at 2910 Centenary Blvd. UMSM is committed to the United 
Methodist theme of "Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds." 
Gatherings may include lively theological discussions, Bible study 
or opportunities for meditation but always food and fellowship. 

BCM is sponsored by area Baptist churches and is open to all 
students. BCM provides students with opportunities to be involved 
in leadership, weekly corporate worship, small group discipleship, 
mission projects and social events. BCM will meet Mondays at 
6:30pm in the Steeple Room of Brown Chapel. 





Q[iiR^3GflQm ZMIqDqQ:^ 

*tf '- jsagK».'«- 

\iiL mm 

Jacob Jones, Contributing Writer 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a nationwide, interdenominational 

Christian organization whose mission statement is, "Our purpose is to present 

to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and 

adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their 

relationships and in the fellowship of the church." The group met 

Wednesdays at 9pm in Kilpatrick Auditorium. Their definition of an athlete is 

anyone who sweats and/or showers, so all were welcome! 

The College Athlete Retreat at Camp Bethany in the spring kicked off a 

semester focused on being more like Jesus in interactions with people. The 

group followed that up by something totally unprecedented: In the style of the 

retreat, they divided FCA into red, orange, green, and blue teams that 

competed in sports trivia, Bible trivia, and games for an end-of-the-semester 


During the meetings, they discussed dealing with trials and temptations, 

talking to people about spiritual issues, keeping their passion for God strong, 

and FCA spent an awesome three weeks talking about relationships. One of 

the most memorable events of the year was the wedding of Maria Briggs and 

Andy Stroup, who have been spiritual mentors to so many members. Another 

highlight was the second annual Intercollegiate Tigerball Tournament at 

Louisiana College against LC, LSU, and NSU. Centenary's A-Team pulled off 

an undefeated championship and brought back a nice set of Tigerball trophies. 


% ' 

Andy & Maria Stroup's 




Catlin Orschel 


^^^ ^^1 

i^/ -. H 

^ /'if ^ 

r "^ 

l« ''"''^ 



■^^ r^Ka' i 

Cupcake Night 








«,K«~— " ""'— llliaiBI IIHI^^II^.^^^^ J t^J^^i^ JjiMj 

Spring Tigerball 

Tournament 2010 

. -^-^ 

■^rJirjj'^ .jL^jk^' ~li«diiiilb ^h. 

m' '■■■ 1 






^Bkm 1^ 


1 Wi 

! s ^^p^^H 


. , 

Canterbury House is the Episcopal Church on Centenary's campus, located at the 
corner of Wilkinson and Woodlawn directly across from Marjorie Lyons Playhouse 
Theatre. It is open to all who would like to worship, and gather with friends. The 
first gathering was Tuesday, September 1st at 5:00pm. They hosted their annual 
"Welcome Home" party for all students. (The Bishop was present!) Thereafter, 
they had an informal Eucharist every Tuesday at 5 p.m. followed by a meal 
provided by a local Episcopal church. 

Bca nneKPtM laaHMLiisSI 



Jacob Jones, Bianca Riggs, 
Elizabeth Dilks, & Mary Guerrant 


Front Row - Michael Schwant; 2ncl Row James Hall, Kayla Klaus, 
' Kendall Hughes, Katie James; 3rd Row Laura Vaughan, Katie Hunter, 
^Meghan Horan, Caitlin Orschel, Britney Richardson, Phyllis Hafer, Betsy 
.■H Eaves; 4th Row Austin Rinehart, Kirista McKinney, Hannah Henderson 


/%J V 

Sarah Duet, Betsy Eaves, 

Michael Jarboe, Anna 

Connell, & Nathan Yacovissi 

Rachel McConnell- 
Switzer & Ben Scalisi 

Betsy Eaves, 
Valerie Robideaux, 
& Laura Vaughan 

Katie Hunter 

Haley Allen 
Crystal Birdsong 
Emily Brazzel 
Anna Connell 
Leah Dark 
Elizabeth Dilks 

Sarah Duet 
Andrea Edgley 
Taylor Gilmour 
Mary Guerrant 
Phyllis Hafer 
James Hall 
Sarah Hazelett 
Hannah Henderson 
Maeghan Horan 
Kendall Hughes 
Katie Hunter 
Katie James 
Michael Jarboe 
Jacob Jones 
Justin Kennedy 
Kayla Klaus 
Sunny LaGrone 
Sarah Lerchie 
Laura Martinez 
Rachel McConnell 
Krista McKinney 
Laura Neville 
Catlin Orschel 
Christine "Tene" 
Marco Reyes 
Brittany Richardson 
Bianca Riggs 
Austin Rinehart 
Kate Rivers 
Ben Scalisi 
Michael Schwandt 
Meg Shanks 
Macy Stockton 
Marissa Teauseau 
Kayla Tibaldo 
Jordan Williams 
Nathan Yacovissi 
Chris Youngblood 

Laura Vaughan, Contributing Writer 

Tiie Christian Leadersiiip Center is an 

academic program for full-time 

Centenary students who desire to 

integrate their vocational decision with 

their faith. Through fellowship in 

community, theological reflection, 

hands-on internships, mission 

opportunities, and small group 

accountability. Christian Leadership 

Center students encounter ways they 

can offer their life to God that merges 

passion with calling. Each year is 

kicked off with a retreat that sets the 

pace for the year, introduces students to 

the year's theme of study and serves as 

a way for each member to get to know 

their peers, grow in their knowledge of 

God and bond as a community of 

diverse faiths and backgrounds. 

This year CLC's theme was "Spiritual 

Disciplines". The group learned about 

the inward disciplines of meditation, 

prayer, fasting and study and the 

outward disciplines of simplicity, 

solitude, submission and service as well 

as experiencing worship and the 

meaning of confession. CLC also 

celebrated their 35th anniversary this 

year complete with a reunion colloquium 

and a CLC 35th Anniversary float in the 

Homecoming parade. 

Valerie Robideaux, Leah 
Dark, Hannah Henderson, 
[)1 Taylor Gilmour, Nathan 
Yacovissi, Caitlin Orschel 









Katie Hunter, 

Katie James, 

Kayla Klaus, 

Meg Schanks, 

James Hall 

Meg Shanks & 
Marissa Teauseau 

Anna Connell, Justin 
Kennedy, Macy Stockton, 
Hannah Henderson, & 
Jordan Williams 

Brittany Richardson, 
Sarah Lerchie, - 
Austin Rinehart , 

Michael Jarboe, 
Laura Vaughan, 
Hannah Henderson, 
& Katie Hunter 

QjQCFteGaEiD [i:^x3QDsa^ 





k\ ( \, 

Cazes Verbois during Feats of Strength 
muring Festivus for the Rest of Us event 



IVIary Wygle 

Mary Wygle, Contributing WriteP 

Centenary's Secular Student Association is an organization that sponsors public dialogue 
on secular/religious issues on campus and advocates for the acceptance of atheists, 
agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, and other secular people. The group holds monthly 
discussion meetings in James Lobby and conducts outreach programs for their cause. All 
Centenary students and faculty are welcome to join regardless of their opinions and creed, 
and Student Secular Association specifically endorses collaboration between secular and 
religious organizations to achieve a common level of academic and civil understanding. 
This was the first year for SSA, the founding father being Dallas Krentzel. Activities that 
SSA host include monthly events, open discussions and dialogs on secular issues. The 
biggest event this year was "Festivus for the Rest of Us" winter celebration based off of 
^pseudo-holiday on the sitcom Seinfeld. It included such festivities as the Festivus pole, the 
Feats of Strength and the Airing of Grievances. Discussion topics have been 'What is an 
atheist, agnostic, humanist?' 'How can secular people be ethical?' 'How do you deal with 
death?' and 'Is religion a force of good in the world?' The group also participated in the Big 
Event, the Centenary Homecoming Parade, and preview weekend for incoming students. 

«i^ SSA Meeting 


<j£ ^^ 




Dallas Krentzel, President Rebecca Lehr 
Amanda Krentzel, Vice President Kyle Kraenner 
Mary Wygle, Treasurer Katie Greene 
Marquette LaForest, Duke AJ Scamp 
Christopher Ciocchetti, Faculty Adviser Frank Petitto 

, Tim Lanza 
Gerhardt Funk 




Dallas Krentzel 

Marquette LaForest 

Sarah Hazlett, Nathan Yacovissi, Crystal Birdsong, Donovan 
Roe, Kirk Reedstrom, Zakk Owens, & Ahmad Azzawe 

Cazes Verbois shows off the result 
of a productive staff meeting: the 
KSCL bunny in a condom. 

Kelly Dunnigan, Contributing Writer 

KSCL 91.3FM is Centenary College's non commercial, educational 
radio station. Centenary students and staff, as well as a host of 
community members, DJ around the clock, playing whatever 
tickles their fancy. During the 2009-2010 school year, KSCL finally 
began streaming on the Internet. Now anyone in the world can 
listen simply by going to The station also provided 
Centenary with a series of concerts, including the second coming 
of Anavan as well as three performances by Baton Rouge based, 
We Landed on the Moon. 

KSCL Is run by a staff that reviews music, talks to promoters, 
collects the news, creates programming, pays the bills, finds 
underwriters and most importantly, has superpowers. Josh 
Johnson has the ability to look like Mr. T while Mary Wygle can 
turn on fire. Cazes Verbois touches cats... appropriately and 
Merwin McCrady can eat all the ice cream in the world, but he 
does so one scoop at a time. Zakk Owens is very sticky and also 
has the power to deteriorate, but one day we will rebuild him. Tim 
Lanza has the middle name "Marie" and Rebecca Lehr can quote 
any and all annoying, pop songs. Casey MacBeath manages to 
always show up to meeting drunk, simultaneously looking like John 
Mayer. The Station-ary Bike appears out of thin air. Marquette 
LaForest is astounding at Scrabble. Chelsea David can backflip on 
demand. Kelly Dunnigan is capable of mind-controlling Rebecca, 
making her put a bunny in a condom and other menial tasks. Kirk 
Reedstrom is incredibly slippery, the best power. Finally, Michael 
Laffey, the advisor to KSCL, can not only pull off a fedora, but also 
invented what it means to be a hipster. 






m^ i 










Kelly Dunnigan 
Zakk Owens 
Cazes Verbois 
Rebecca Lehr 
Marquette LaForest 
Josh Johnson 
Chelsea David 
Casey MacBeath 
Merwin McCrady 
Kirk Reedstrom 
Mary Wygle 
Tim Lanza 

Station Manager 

Music Director 

Music Director 

Program Director 

Program Director 

News Director 

Public Relations 

Public Relations 

Hip Hop Director 

Jazz & Blues Director 

World Music Director 

RPM Director 

Near & Far Left: We Landed on the 

Moon Concert--The band played at 
Centenary three times this year 

AJ Haynes & the Monkey Business 

perform at KSCL's 7th Annual Battle of 

the Bands 

Students, Community Members and KSCL staff members sit on 
the stage in the Shell at Battle of the Bands due to rain. 

We Landed a,«,,,,.„,..,,^, 

the Moon continued the 

tradition of signing the station'^ Wa 

Student D Js 

Kirk Reedstrom, Mary Wygle, Cazes Verbois, Josh Johnson, Zakk Owens, Tim 
Lanza, Rebecca Lehr, Merwin McCrady, Kelly Dunnigan, & Marquette LaForest 

Karley Aiken 
Amjad Azzawe 
Kelly Beresko 
Jackson Blankstein 
Sam Bonham 
Stephanie Boyd 
Chelsea David 
Josh Johnson i 
Andrea Labor 
Tim Lanza 
Merwin McCrady 

Oliver Myers 

Zakk Owens 

Jordan Pope 

I Josh Rabalais 

Shelby Thoma 

Cazes Verbois 

Jack Waterman 

Charlie Williams 


Marquette LaForest 
& Dana McGee 

Catenary Rim Society 

Anna Medica, Contributing Write 


The Centenary Film Society is one of tine student sponsored media groups a| 

Centenary College, whose mission is to exhibit, on a weekly basis, quality international 

independent, and classic Hollywood films that might not otherwise be available to 

Centenary students and the greater Shreveport-Bossier City communityj 

le Cbnglomefate 

Ashley Lynch, Contributing Writer 

The Conglomerate is Centenary College of Louisiana's weekly, independent 

student-run newspaper. The goal is to present news about Centenary's 

campus and the local community that students want to know. 

Conglomerate writers and editors meet weekly to discuss campus and 

community news, sign up for articles, and plan events. Once a week, the 

layout staff assembles to prepare and create the latest issue of the 

. . . . . -- . ^ newspaper. 

odd Johnson Marquette LaForest 

Editor in Chief Copy Editor 

tachel Schofield 

Dana McGee 

Staff Writers 

"eatures Editor 

Layout Editor 

Chelsea Moore 
Nathan Yacovissi 

Vshley Lynch 

Anh Dao Iran 

Andrea Labor 

^&E Editor 

Business Manager 

Madeline Fechter 

Chaerii Faught 

Vlyssa Zawieja 

Amy Schimschock 

Chris Youngblood 

Sports Editor 

Circulation Manager 

Jordan Williams 
Jessica Hunter 

Seth Craft 

Julie Butler 

Katherine Shamburger 

>opy Editor 

Comic Artist 

Stefan Pressyanov 

Piandora Literary Arts Magazine 

John Wadsworth, Contributing Writer 

l"he Pandora Literary Arts Magazine gathers submissions in artwork, literature, 

music, and the film. We gather student created material and publish it in a 

book format and distribute it to the Centenary community. We gather material 

from students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Centenary College. Every year we 

hold our submission drive to collect materials. We also host an annual release 

party to celebrate the completion of the Pandora. We also recently held an all 

night event which we hope to continue in the coming years. 



\Zenee •bvf]\ih-Che\/eall\er, Artistic Dlrecior 

Chelsey Powell PaVenp^rt. C^-Artistic D'\recior 

"amara \^ayer. President 

■ Jannah \\/\c^ore. Vice Pr<S5id<?nt 

Tracy C^\'\55orx\. Secretary 

Special thanks io the Pirtf<?^t band membifrs: 
l\/|att Uazelion. J B>ratLi<e, t^co\k. (^erardy. Lane 
E>ayLiss PanieL E^riethaupt and E_ri<: Cj'ardner. 
\V<s appreciate the time they t^^k ^ut ^f their 
?usy schedule \:o collaborate With the Q^capec 
mages Dance Company and give a Live 
performance to Can Vance-. A Pansica.. 


^, . 

^ t aK 


Dirtfoot Concert 

Emma Busi & Tamara Mayer 

"Pretty Pretty" 
Hannah Moore 

_aiLa AL-Pubais 
Andra Armstrong 
l^ristin ^oesch 
R-ebecca B^undrick 
Lmma E?usi 
"brooVe Carrier 
Nich^Le Cowc\\, 
Chelsea PaVid 
_^rna P^ps^n 
Rachel -Uarper 
K/licheLLe l_^ridans 
Natasha ^ebeyran 
iCay ^Imon 
_eah Tennyson 
>f)ierra Tracey 
Andrea Violet 

Rusd [^iver festival - ^ct^ber 5th. 6th and 8th. 2009 
Can Dance: A PansicaL (featuring Pirtf(:?^t) - March 12th, 2(91(9 
"he Language ^f iVl^Vement — N/|arch 13th S l4th. 2(91(9 
American College Pa nee festival (ACPfA) — April /"th-llth, 2(91(9 

Tamara ^ayer. Contributing Writer 

Qj5cape<\ Images Dance Company is an organization that fcpcuses on dance as a language of 
movement. Company members are encouraged to express their creativity and dedication to this 
form of art through personal Worl^ that can be showcased in front of Live audiences. As a dance 
company. E-scaped Images has had the opportunity to perform in different environments this past 
year including on campus, at regional dance conferences, and around the >6hreVeport-£>ossier 
community. In the fall of 2.00^. company members Worked With artistic director, R.enee 
CheVeallier to perform a site-specific piece for the Red River ReVel l^estiVal in doWntoWn 
^hreVeport. iCnoWn for an annual Spring Conceri. this year Was no let-doWn as Scaped 
Images collaborated with a local >f:>hreVeport gypsy band known as Pirtfoot.' In 2(91(9, Qjscaped 
Images participated in the ^ouih-Ceniral Conference of the American College Vance festival 
Association (ACPp^A) where one senior dancer and choreographer had the opportunity to 
showcase personal Work to the adjudicators of the conference. 



N£Ver th^ dinner— ^epi. 25-27 S 0ci. 1-3 
61:£p ^n a Crack-fsl^V. 6-8 <S I3-|4 »^ 
Charle5 D\c\cen5 A Christmas Car^L— P^c. \y-2.y 
>f)umm£r S >6m^k£— f<2b. 25-28 Pi 

A New &rain. The N/jusicaL— April 15-2^- 


'^. fr , 


FVJ1^> Trt 

^^^^^^^^^^v^Sv^i 1 


A jfcs^^^Svlii^Kg i A 








lgg^* J 










Centenary Press Release 

The Centenary College Choir left Thursday, May 28, 2009 for a 
tour and performances in New Zealand and Australia before 
returning home on June 9. The group was comprised of 61 
student singers and was accompanied by 26 additional friends, 
family, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

The choir joined other choirs from across the world as part of the 
World Voices Australia Concert 2009 and perform Mozart's 
Requiem Mass in D minor in the Sydney Opera House. 

The trip beg with a four-day stop in Auckland and Rotorua, New 
Zealand, and included a performance at the Pitt St Methodist. 
Church in Auckland. This was the choir's second visit to New 
Zealand, the first such trip coming 20 years before in 1989. 

The choir wrapped up the tour in Sydney, Australia for a final 
concert in the Sydney Opera House on June 8. The first half of 
the program featured a short concert by the Choir of their own 
repertoire, then joining with 100 other singers from 4 different 
choirs to perform the Requiem Mass in D minor.The Monday- 
evening event was the choir's main concert of the trip, and will 
perform under the direction of Dr. Eric Nelson, Director of Choral 
Studies at Emory University in Atlanta. 

The Centenary Choir and the tour was under the direction of 
David Hobson, completing his second season as choir director. 
Hobson is only the fourth conductor in the choir's 68 year history 
and the second to hold the prestigious A.C. Cheesy Voran 

Since 1941 the Centenary College Choir has performed 
throughout the world: singing for front-line troops in Korea, many 
American and European heads of state, NATO and American 
armed forces worldwide, 10 international conventions of Lions 
International, three times for the General Conference of the 
United Methodist Church, the Council of Bishops, and two 
lengthy engagements at New York's "Radio City Music Hall." 

Years of extensive travel have earned the choir the media title of 
"America's Singing Ambassadors." In addition to singing 
annually throughout the United States, the choir makes 
international tours every other year, which has included 31 
countries on six continents. The most recent concert tour was to 
Ireland, Wales and England in 2007. The choir is a unique 
collegiate choral group, singing a varied repertory including both 
sacred and secular music, from Bach to Broadway, folk to 
contemporary, and opera to oratorio. 

Centenary Press Release 

Camerata, a choral ensemble from the Hurley School of Music at 
Centenary College, was invited to perform at the National Collegiate; 
Choral Organization conference, November 5, 2009 at Yale University in 
New Haven, Conn. 

The choral ensemble from Centenary was selected from one of the largest 
application pools in the history of the conference, and is one of only nine 
choirs nationally invited to perform at the prestigious biennial event. 
"This is a tremendous event with respect to national exposure for 
Centenary College and in terms of the caliber of audience that will be ini 
attendance," said Dr. Julia Thorn, conductor of the Camerata. "This is a 
national conference for choral conductors, so everyone in that audience: 
will be listening with the critical ear of a conductor with the ability tol 
recognize accuracy as well as musicality." 

The conference, according to Thorn, has been the stage for some of thei 
best choral groups across the country, including the University of North! 
Texas, Yale University, the Eastman School of Music, Brigham Youngi 
University, and the Cincinnati Conservatory among others. "Every choin 
that has performed in previous years has been phenomenal, and althoughi 
this is not a competition, it will be a great opportunity for our students tol 
work to achieve a high level of success as artists as well as be inspired by, 
other very skilled choirs," she said. "Anytime you are invited to attend andi 
perform at a national conference, you have the chance to see how youi 
stack up against other programs at this level of accomplishment." 

But that is not the only reason Thorn and the choral group were excited to' 
attend. Of the nine colleges invited, Camerata from Centenary was the 
only college from the south... and the only mixed choir from a small liberal; 
arts college to perform. "It is very unusual to have such a small collegei 
like Centenary performing on a national venue," added Thorn. Centenaryil 
performed alongside choral groups such as the University of Marylandi 
Chamber Singers, Colorado State University Chamber Choir, University of 
Missouri Singers, and the Cal State Long Beach Chamber Choir. "We' 
were very excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate that we might be 
a small school from the south, but that we have an outstanding choral 

olleges were selected to perform based on an audition tape and a musical program submitted to the selection 
bommittee, which judged the submissions in a blind process. Conductors could choose a possible program from 
several different categories, such as a chronological program, a historical period program, a major work, or a themed 
Drogram. Thorn submitted a program that was very appealing to the selection committee. "They want to see the caliber 
3f music each ensemble will perform and establish that the material is such that it would be of interest to other 

;onductors for future performances," she said. 

Centenary Camerata performed a program entitled Heaven and Hell: Choral Gems for the Faith-Based Liberal Arts 
College. "I think the convention committee was intrigued by the thematic program. I selected pieces all by living 
bomposers, within the theme that are very different stylistically as well as in multiple languages. It was a huge 
phallenge incorporating as much variety as possible within the contemporary period while selecting music that is still 
academic in nature." 

Camerata is an ensemble dedicated to quality artistic performances of choral repertoire from all historical periods and 
nas been under the direction of Dr. Julia Thorn since 1997. The composition of the group is primarily voice majors with 
a variety of degree emphases, though membership is open to all Centenary students by audition. 



• f^ *^ ^^ 

Centenary Cheer 

Herb Howard, Coach; Gissell Mayorga- 

Acevedo, Capfa/n; Jonathan Martin, Male 

Captain; Maleda Cyrus; Trishna Desai; 

Destiny Jones; Thomas; Holt Kirkindoll; 

Logan McCrary; Colton Robey; Hope 

Vollm; & Nathan Yacovissi 

Herb HowardB?/7a/r of the 

Centenary SpiritlBepartment 

Leading Ladies 

Chelsea Liles, Coach & Capfa/n; Andra 

Armstrong; Emma Busi; Kay Simon; 

Crystal Tate; Leah Tennyson 


Club Officers: Jonathan Martin, Vice- 
President; Jacquelyn Batson, President. 

The Centenary College Cycling Club (Centenary Cycling racing team) promotes and encourages the sport of 
bicycle racing and bicycle recreational activities. The team supports cycling events and activities on our 
campus and throughout the community. They promote Centenary College through the club in developing 
leadership skills through competition, encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the student body at Centenary 
with the life-long sport of cycling, and participating in campus/community responsibilities. 

The Centenary Cycling & Multi-Sport Club is a 2-year-old club associated with USACycling and 
USAThathlon as a member on the national level. On the regional level the Cycling Club is a member of the 
South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (bicycle racing) and the Mid-Southwest Collegiate Triathlon 
Conference (for multi-sport events such as triathlon and duathlon). The group participated in collegiate 
racing events with a goal of participating in regional and national championships with other colleges and 

In the 2009-2010 school year the club participated in races in Monroe, Shreveport, Waco (TX), Fort Worth 
(TX), and Lubbock (TX). They also organized their own event, hosting a time trial in Shreveport that included 

r T- 



>?i«f'-^*^' ' 

David MJcinski 





Bronda's Duathlon, Texas Motor Speedway, TX, November, 2009: Chelsea 
Liles, Jonathan Martin, Jacquelyn Batson, Bekah Bogdanoff, Chris Patterson. 

Jacquelyn Batson, 

;«■■;;■' v^:* • 

Jonathan Martin, 

'V kl'fix 

Xun Ao 
Jacquelyn Batson 
Bekan Bogdanoff 
Jordan Gurren 
Matt Keus 
Chelsea Liles 
Daniel Martin 
Jonathan Martin 
David Micinski 
Adam Nerio 
Alex Opiand 
Christopher Patterson 


not just college bike racers but also racers outside the college ranks. Races went well this year with 
multiple placings and wins at various events, including a 1st and 3rd place in the Women's 20-24 age 
group at the Warhawk Triathlon held at the University of Louisiana-Monroe. 

The Centenary College Cycling Club hosted the Centenary Time Trial on February 13, 2010 at the LSD 
Pecan Station south of Shreveport. It was a 1 1 .7 mile individual racing event that was the first race of the 
2010 racing season for the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference. We had competitors from the 
University of Oklahoma and Midwestern State (TX) attending as well as Centenary. 

The highlight of the year was going to the National Collegiate Triathlon Championships in Lubbock, 
Texas on April 17th. In 2009 the group participated with only two Centenary students taking part, but this 
year there were five! They raced against 900 other students from over 100 colleges and universities 
across the nation. Club members represented themselves well, fighting through adverse conditions, and 
learned more about their sport. 

Execiitive Coxwcli 

Jennifer Pate 

Student Director 

Matthew Wallace 

Assistant Student Director 
& Logistics Coordinator 

Anna Connell 

Communications & 
Media Coordinator 

Clay Mills 

Supply Coordinator 

Kayla Tibaldo 

Service Site Coordinator 

Macy Stockton 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Centenary Press Release 

More than 350 students, faculty, staff, alumni and 
community volunteers hit the streets March 20, 2010 
when the BIG Event kicked off for a third straight year in 
the Highlands. 

Armed with rakes, brooms, shovels, trash bags and 
more, the volunteers canvassed the neighborhood and 
helped our neighbors with common household tasks 
while giving back to the community that has embraced 
Centenary for more than 1 00 years. 

Student Director Jennifer Pate said that this year the 
committee received more than 25 job requests from 
residents that live near the College for help with 
household jobs. "We have a lot of jobs and will be 
working hard to get them all completed," said Pate. 
"One of the coolest jobs we are working on is to help 
one resident with a flooding issue. This really is a great 
opportunity for us to give back to our neighbors!" 

After the jobs were completed, there was a community 
picnic at Jones Rice intramural field along with The 
Battle of the Bands at the Hargrove Memorial 

At the BIG Event, students, faculty, staff, and 
alumni all come together to act as neighbors 
helping neighbors. Together, we work to beautify 
the surrounding neighborhoods of Centenary 
College, to show our gratitude for their support of 
our community, and to allow us to give back and 
connect with the Shreveport community. 
Volunteers have the opportunity to choose from 
various helpful activities, including exterior home 
improvement, basic landscaping, and inside 



1 ^ 




I i<ii jrf M -i 





^ \ \ A \ 



r \ 

k ' 


* lf» 

Deborah Hill 


1 Kate Donnelly 


3 Kristine Weaver 


4 Lauren Cheaney 


5 Jordan Smith 




8 Chelsea Granger 


9 Laura Immenschuh 


10 Catlin Orschel 


12 Kelly Fossard 


1 3 Kortney Causey 


14 Eren Corapcioglu 


15 Courtney Cleveland 


16 Holden Penney 


17 Candace Rushing 



18 Allie Cortes 



19 Lindsey Luquette 


20 Lauren Stanley 


21 Mattie Weatherspoon 


23 Catie Depew 


24 Logan Cathcart 



26 Erika Rautio 


29 Emily McManus 


Cole Campbell 


1 Rennie Walker 


: Josh Gomilllon 
^ Midfielder 

3 Ian Osteen 


4 John McHugh 


5 Zac Farrar 


6 Ethan Miller 



7 Marcos Rodriguez 


d Adam Ghaemmaghami 


Spencer Nickerson 

I Defender 



, Todd Faulkinberry 
[ Midfielder 


Aaron Bergman 


17 KyleMehnert 


19 Jihad Eiaydi 


15 Nick Flowers 

Midfielder ^^ ^V^" Christlanson 


16 Ben Barcelona 

Midfielder 21 RBAsenimeJr. 


22 Heath Cox 


23 MoAssi 


24 Andrew Gauthler 


25 Robbie Ramirez 


27 Dragan Hinic 


Brian Hurlburt 


Ryan Watson 





28 Micah Goodwin 


29 John Seat 










■^^^ *'" ' " ' \ / > 







I ■ 






•^»'. ' ^w ' 


^^^lifiy^M^ i :.^S^ 


.,- r 

— ' '•«rw'<i|Hr«rvwi''W 









% f * 




**-» -1^ 


■ 1 .1, J 

•\ X, 


^|||^iM|^RIir 91 

I ■ 





I <Jl 


^^-~^^^-^S^' " I'-^l, 

■. , ^l^^L 


' /^ I 

4|lVr , ^JH^jgglgf 



. /— ^' 



Kayla Tibaldo 

Defensive Specialist 

Mackenzie Hubbard 

Outside Hitter 

Jaclyn Lopez 

Setter/Outside Hitter 

Bethany Kern 


8 Stevie Hurlbirt 

Outside Hitter 

I Christina Fellows 



10 Brianna Kern 

Outside Hitter 

11 Jennifer Kunze 

Outside Hitter 

12 Blair Claypoole 

Middle Blocker 

13 Shelby Singleton 

Middle Blocker 


Matthew Keus 
Jonathan Martin 
Miles McDonald 
David Micinski 
Adam Nerio 
Chris Patterson 
Robert Poole 
JJ Templet 


Mellynn Baker 

Jacquelyn Batson 

Jessica Brown 

Sunny LaGrone 

i^ Cara Miccoli 

Brittany Wilkens 

Tyler Bassett 


David Moss 


David Berude 

Ross Olivier 


Back/Free Style 

Matthew Blam 

Alex Opiand 

Sprint Free 


John Cefalu 

Aaron Otto 




Sprint Free 

Cash Owen 

Sprint Free 

Benjamin Donaldson 


Josh Pena 

Sprint Free 

Rustin Green 

Adam Pennington 


Distance Free 

Josh Grey 


Matthew Pittman 

Distance Free/Br 

IVIatthew Harris 

Christopher Prater 



Peter Henry 


Devin Ross 

Sprint Free 

Quinn Larwood 

Michael Schwandt 



Anthony LeBlanc 

Back/Free Style 

Thomas Schwertz 

Sprint Free 

Clay Malinovsky 


Josh Scott 


Caleb McSorley 

Sprint Free 

Ryne Smith 



Christopher Sullivan 



-r -*.-.', ' 



Aurora Owen 


Olivia Bozant 

Sprint Freestyle 

Kate Rivers 


Jessica Brown 


Madeline Wyatt 


Cassie Cloutet 

Middle Distance 

Lauren Kloepfer 

Middle Distance 

Corinne Cormier 

Sprint Freestyle 

Ruth Litwinowitz 

Sprint Freestyle 

Lexi Crovetto 


Kendra Norman 


Kelley Hannah 

Sprint Freestyle 

Maggie Vaughan 

Distance Freesty 

Julie Hughes 


Leslie Wyatt 


Laura Huning 

Sprint Freestyle/Fly 

Hayley Schnieder 


Allison Jones 

Sprint Freestyle 

Aimee Spooner 

Sprint Free/Fly 

Lauren Lassiter 


Brittany Wilkens 


Cara Loria 

Distance Freesty 






im • 


/?>'* , 


1 Natasha Draganic 


5 Vashnj Sharp Moore 


12 BethAlberson 


21 Stephanie Barrow 


22 DonecJa Cook 


24 Quintesa Gould 


30 Anne Farrell 


31 Bethany Joseph 


32 Megan Daniel 


34 Ashley Jackson 


42 Jalena Sanders 


43 Michaela Berg 


52 Sarah Weiler 


55 Leslie Forest 


. 1 " Alliliil 

' ■ i^" '-— |'n|TTTrrr['i i 

^ 11 11 

r ^ ,• ."■:: -:^-:": 

■■■ asa- . Z 

l7l ^B^W 

Mit • ^-stM.^^ 


It^-y^j^ Is 













■,» *l 

4 .*! 




^ \ 

r>r* -^/fcvrtjtt, .*^ <'W(r r y 








Leo Davis 



Pedro IVIaclel 



Roman Tubner 

Guard i 



David Perez j 


IViatt fVlarseiiie 

Forward j 


Daman Starring 




Matt Nich^^ 




Jerrald Bonham 




Travis Sims 




David Swartz 



■ ■ 


Jeron Trotman 



IVIaxx Nakwaasaii 

\ A 





Brittany Adams 

Lauren Carlton 

Meg Crowley 

Whitney Daugherty 

Courtney Hawkins 

Amanda Holt 

Makensie Lant 

Jessica Lieblich 

Laura Loy 

Christine Martinez 

Tara Sandoval 

Marisa Schneider 

Melody Smith i 

Mai lie Vetros 

Stephanie Wright 

Alyssa Zawieja 



i^KJ IeI IVl:]rf(r*r>^ 




I, «. 

f I 





•L' -^ 





f /% 

Rachel Grinnell 

Justine Kemp Fr. 

Jessica l\/larquart 

Lauren Raynes 

Kyndal Rose 

Claire Whitis 


Gregory Berthelot 
Christopher David 
Cannon Earp 
Nick Faitz 
Jay Frazier 
Jesse Gilmore 
Denver Green 
David Grice 
Ryan Sparks 
Mark Weeber 
Tyler Williams 


Isadora Bickham 
Catlin Orschel 
Holden Penney 
Alex Smith 

John Callen 
Jacob Dawson 
Sam Grace 
Evan Magill 
John Reeks 
Michael Reeks 
Matt Shoptaugh 
Micah Threadgill 




^P*-' >r' 





.,-t ^4 

■' ..:J:, . 



2 Bailey Boggs 


3 Bonnie IViatak 


7 Lauren Higlismith 


8 Katie IVIatthews 


10 Regina Saivatore 


11 Courtney Avery 


12 Kelsey Regan 


14 Callie Herrington 


15 Allison Shepperd 

Catch er/3rd Base 

16 Caitlin Cavarra 

2nd Base 

20 Kalyn Harris 

Outfield/1 St Base 

21 Rachel Conard 


23 Sara Dornelas 



31 Beth Krysiak 

Catcher/3rd Base 



Trey McGee 

LH Pitcher 







Ryan Bell 




Cliff Shepard 

Outfield ... 


Scott Pasket 



Cody Atkinson 



Tell Ross W^ 



Matt Creamer 

Infield mmim 



Seth Lugo 

RH Pitcher 


Derek Dalzell 

RH Pitcher _„ 


Conald Mansfield 



Justin Kraft 

RH Pitcher 


David Perez 

RH Pitcher/Outfield 


Boone Whiting 

RH Pitcher 


Dakota Robinson 

LH Pitcher 


Cole Thompson 

RH Pitcher 


Zachary Christ 



Alex Todd 



Jeff Schaffert 



Anthony Salinas 



Jeff Ericson 



Stephen Tromblee 

LH Pitcher 


Dan Lazarou 

RH Pitcher r 


' Keegan Acker 


James Hoyt 

RH Pitcher 


1 David Benson 

RH Pitcher 


Michael Tompkins 

LH Pitcher/Infield ^ 


Abo-Zahrah, Dina 73 

Abo-Zahrah, Reem 73 

Acker, Keegan 168 

Acosta, Barry James 47, 133 

Adams, Brittany 53, 160 

Adcox, Stormi 19, 24, 58 

Aiken, Karley 91, 133 

Al-Dubais, Laila 24, 59, 88, 131 

Alberson, Beth 156 

Alcorn, Shakeria 38 

Allen, Madalyn 59, 93 

Allums, Kenneshea 45 

Alsandor, Caria 20, 66 

Andreen, Anna 83, 128, 131 

Armstrong, Andra 29, 131, 138 

Armstrong, Shelley 28, 66, 153 

Asenime, Jr., RB 148 

Ashley, John 23, 46, 48 

Assi, Mo 148 

Atkins, Joshua 36, 58, 98, 99 

Atkinson, Cody 168 

Auld, Zoe 59 

Aull, Zeke 25 

Austin, Allison 89, 93 

Avery, Courtney 53, 167 

Azzawe, Ahmad 100, 101 

Azzawe, Noor 89 


Baker, KA 26, 67 

Baker, Kathryn-Alizabeth 90, 

91, 107 

Baker, Mellynn 152, 153 

Ball, Eric 100, 101 

Barcelona, Ben 148 

Barlow, Flannery 59, 68, 73, 89, 


Barlow, Tamara 20, 40, 59, 68, 


Barrow, Stephanie 36, 156 

Baskin, Sherman 17, 46 

Bass, Destin 131, 132 

Bassett, Tyler 52, 53, 155 

Bates, Jacob 132 

Batson, Jacquelyn 140, 141, 

144, 152, 153 

Batson, Jaquelyn 140 

Bell, Ryan 168 

Benson, David 168 

Berg, Michael 156 

Bergman, Aaron 148 

Berthelot, Gregory 163 

Berude, David 155 

Bickham, Isadora 164, 165 

Bieler, David 21 

Billy, Mark 64 

Birdsong, Crystal 35 

Blackwell, Brittany 40, 90, 91, 


Blam, Matthew 155 

Blanchard, Matt 100, 105 

Blanchard, Matthew 24, 101 

Bloxom, Libby 26 

Boesch, Kristen 49 

Boesch, Kristin 131 

Bogdanoff, Bekah 141 

Boggs, Bailey 167 

Bonham, Jerrald 69, 159 

Bonham, Sam 47, 88 

Bourgeois, Matt 88 

Bowers, Andrew 89, 98 

Boyd, Stehpanie 132 

Boyd, Stephanie 91, 132 

Bozant, Olivia 116, 155 

Brandl, Katherine 71 

Brazeel, Sean 132, 133 

Brazeel, Seans 132 

Brazzel, Emily 90 

Breezy, Trish 20 

Broussard, Morganna 72 

Brown, Jessica 144, 152, 153, 


Brucchaus, Blake 116 

Buller, Andrew 59 

Bumgardner, Matthew 96 

Bundrick, Rebecca 72, 131 

Burnham, Drew 46, 84, 105 

Busi, Emma 130, 131 

Callen, John 164 

Campbell, Cole 25, 26, 29, 60, 

69,71,73,98, 148 

Campbell, Francine 21 

Campbell, Prancing 66 

Carlisle, Wesley 46 

Carlisle, Wesly 35 

Carlton, Lauren 53, 160 

Carpenter, Stan 130, 131 

Carrere, Jonathan 40, 97 

Carrier, Brooke 93, 102, 131 

Catahoula, Skeeter The 8, 23, 


Cathcart, Logan 146 

Causey, Kortney 146 

Cavarra, Caitlin 97, 167 

Cefalu, John 48, 155 

Chambers, Dane 40, 45 

Champney, Erik 132 

Chaniyara, Anuj 96 

Chanlyara, Anuj 88 

Cheaney, Lauren 7, 43, 59, 69, 


Christ, Zachary 168 

Christiansen, Ryan 148 

Ciocchetti, Chris 124 

Clark, Dessie 19, 26 

Claypoole, Blair 150, 151 

Cleveland, Courtney 146 

Cloutet, Cassie 155 

Coco, Josh 68 

Collins, Taylor 9 

Conard, Rachel 167 

Connell, Anna and her Mom 35 

Connell, Anna 29, 33, 36, 90, 

91, 117, 123 

Connell, Shanks, Stockton, 

Dark, Klaus, Annd, Meg, Macy, 

Leah, Kayla 24 

Cook, Donecia 156 

Corapcioglu, Eren 146 

Cormier, Corine 155 

Cortes, Allie 36, 146 

Cothren, Leslie 39, 58, 102, 105 

Couch, Nichole32, 59, 131 

Cox, Heath 148 

Crain, Taila 49 

Cravens, Matt 100, 101 

Creamer, Matt 168 

Crichton, Stuart 175 

Crovetto, Lexi 155 

Crowley, Meg 53, 160 

Cumming, Christine 33, 40, 63, 


Cummings, Mark 155 


Dafnis, Costas 20 

Dalzell, Derek 168 

Daniel, Megan 156 

Dark, Leah 33, 36, 88, 90, 103, 

118, 123, 177 

Daugherty, Whitney 53, 160 

David, Chelsea 102, 127, 131, 


David, Christopher 163 

Davis, Corey 101 

Davis, Katie-Beth 33 

Davis, Leo 159 

Davis, Megan 131 

Davis, Millicent 40, 89 

Davis, Peyton 58, 136 

Dawson, Jacob 26, 164, 165 

Deas, Laura 89 

Decuir, Pete 132 

DelaHaya, Rick 66 

DeLancy, Jennie 88, 90 

Depew, Catie 146 

DiGioia, Kristin 88, 96, 143 

Dilks, Elizabeth 122 

Dobromirov, Stefan 63 

Donaldson, Benjamic 53, 155 

Donaldson, Benjamin 53 

Donelly, Kate 147 

DonnellY, Kate 146 

Doolin, Tim 100 

Dopson, Lorna 131, 132, 133 

Dornelas, Sara 53, 166, 167 

Draganic, Natasha 156 

Duet, Sarah 50, 118, 122 

Dulaney, Ivy 132 

Dunnigan, Kelly 63, 87, 103, 

126, 127 

Dupre, Jade 97 


Earp, Cannon 163 

Eaves, Betsy 14, 33, 36, 67, 75, 

118, 122, 177 

Eddy, Luke 132 

Edgley, Andrea 26 

Elaydi, Jihad 148 

Ericson, Jeff 168 

Escott, Nicki 26, 65 

Ewing, Daniel 88 


Faitz, Nick 163 

Farrar, Zac 1 48 

Farrell, Anne 156 
Faught, Chaerii 63 
Faulkenberry, Todd 149 
Faulkinberry, Todd 148 
Fechter, Madeline 47, 63, 91, 

Fellows, Christina 24, 150, 151 
Ferrell, Jonathan 143 
Fitzgibbons, David 132 
Flenniken, Jennifer 69, 89 
Fletcher, Madeline 58 
Flowers, Nick 148, 149 
Fontenot, Genevieve 35 
Fontenot, Sarah 93 
Forest, Leslie 156 
Fossard, Kelly 146 
Frasier, Riane 29 
Frazier, Jay 64, 65, 96, 163 
Fuelberth, Caitlyn 64 
Funk, Gerhardt 101 


Gagnard, Bekah 69 

Gagnard, Rebekah 34, 68, 71 

Gaston, Caleb 29, 100, 101, 

102, 107 

Gautier, Andrew 148 

Ghaemmaghami, Adam 148 

Gibbs, Scott 69, 132 

Gilmore, Jesse 88, 97, 163 

Gilmour, Taylor 118, 123 

Gomillion, Josh 148 

Goodwin, Michah 148 

Gould, Quintesa 156 

Grace, Sam 164 

Grand, Rob 95 

Granger, Chelsea 146 

Green, Denver 163 

Green, Jeridan 96 

Green, Rustin 27, 52, 53, 68, 

71, 155 

Grey, Josh 155 

Grice, David 163 

Grinnell, Rachel 163 

Grissom, Tracy 131 

Gruner, Taylor 109 

Guerrant, EJ 64 

Guerrant, Mary 26, 29, 64, 116, 


Gurren, Jordan 28, 29, 99 


Haeckel, Abigail 93 

Hafer, Phyllis 90, 91, 109, 122 

Hall, James 122, 123 

Hamming, Jeanne 28 

Hannah, Kelley 155 

Harper, Rachel 131 

Harris, Jason 177 

Harris, Kalyn 53, 166, 167 

Harris, Matthew 155 

Hataway, Conley 99 

Havird, Rachel 132 

Hawkins, Courtney 53 

Haynes, AJ56, 127, 128 

Heflin, Sherry 36 

Hefner, Cheisi 16 

Helms, Ashley 16 

Henderson, Hanna 123 

Henderson, Hannah 118, 122, 


Henderson, Polly 28, 164 

Hendricks, Jeff 24 

Henington, David 20 

Henry, Peter 53, 155 

Herrington, Callie 167 

Heugatter-director, Emily 132 

Highsmith, Lauren 53, 167 

Hill, Deborah 146 

Hiller, Michael 95 

Hinic, Dragan 30, 148 

Ho, Tommie 93 

Hogan, Caitlin 13, 58 

Holt, Amanda 53, 160 

Hooper, Don 35, 132 

Hope, Eddie 88, 99 

Horan, Meghan 122, 133 

Howard, Herb 138 

Hoyt, James 168, 169 

Hubbard, Mackenzie 150, 151 

Hudsmith, Brooke 17, 36, 58, 


Hudson, Ross 101 

Hughes, Juilie 155 

Hughes, Kendall 21, 29, 64, 

109, 118, 122 

Hulburt, Brian 148 

Huning, Laura 53, 155 

Hunter, Jessica 48, 49, 90, 107 

Hunter, Katie 17, 50, 58, 91, 

109, 122, 123 

Hurlbirt, Stevie 150, 151 


Immenschuh, Laura 146 


Jackson, Ashley 156 

Jackson, Gregory 99 

Jackson, Pearlina 13 

James, Katie 21, 64, 65, 109, 

118, 123 

James, Lopez, Connell, Katie, 

Kristy, Anna 33 

James;, Katie 122 

Jarboe, Andrew 28, 69, 99, 132, 


Jarboe, Mchael 29 

Jarboe, Michael 59, 69, 70, 

117, 118, 122, 123 

Johnson, Colin 98 

Johnson, Collin 29, 99 

Johnson, Colling 69 

Johnson, Josh 127, 132 

Johnson, Neil 132 

Johnson, Todd 128 

Jones, Allison 155 

Jones, Jacob 122 

Jones, Jessica 25, 27, 93 

Jones, Katie 71 

Jordan, Rebecca 136 

Joseph, Bethany 156 

Junot, Michelle 36, 50, 57, 89, 



Kemp, Justine 163 

Kennedy, Justin 123 

Kern, Bethany 150, 151 

Kern, Brianna 150, 151 

Keus, Matt 140, 141 

Keus, Matthew 24, 35, 58, 59, 

66,91, 152 

Kirkindoll, Holt 16, 32, 70, 138 

Klaus, Kayla 33, 65, 66, 90, 

105, 118, 123, 177 

Klaus, Azzawe, Junot, Hunter, 

Kayla, Noor, Michelle, Katie 86 

Kloepfer, Lauren 155 

Koch, Melinda 39 

Kompelli, Suneera 7, 20, 25, 
29, 38, 46, 59, 72, 84, 93 
Kraemer, Kyle 124 
Kraft, Justin 168, 169 
Krentzel, Dallas 124 
Kress, Dana 39 
Krysiak, Beth 40, 73, 167 
Kunze, Jennifer 150, 151 
Kuruvilla and Lagrone, Sarah 
and Sunny 32 
Kuruvilla, Sarah 36, 68, 91 


Labor, Andrea 110, 128 

LaForest, Marquette 101, 124, 

125, 126, 127 

LaGrone, Sunny 7, 35, 36, 58, 

59,66,68,70,83,90,91, 144, 

152, 153 

Lamb, Ashley 40 

Lant, Makensie 53, 160 

Lanza, Tim 86, 100, 124, 127 

Larkin, Lauren 40 

Larwood, Quinn 27, 59, 68, 155 

Lassiter, Lauren 155 

Latham, Sarah 68 

Lavan, Chris 36 

Lawrence, Joshua 73, 113 

Lazarou, Dan 168 

Leary, Danna 132 

LeBlanc, Anthony 53, 155 

Lehr, Rebecca 39, 124, 127 

Lerchie, Sarah 27, 63, 96, 123 

Leuk, Beth 70 

Lieblich, Jessica 53, 160 

Liles, Chelsea 29, 70, 138, 140, 


Linschoten, Christine 136 

Litwinowitz, Ruth 155 

Lopez, Jaclyn 150, 151 

Lopez, Kristy 49 

Loria, Cara 155 

Loridans, Michelle 131, 132 

Loy, Laura 53, 131, 160 

Lugo, Seth 168 

Luquette, Lindsey 146 


MacBeath, Casey 127 

Maciel, Pedro 159 

Madden, Charles 100 
Magill, Evan 164, 165 
Malinovsky, Clay 19, 155 
Mansfield, Conald 168, 169 
Marseille, Matt 159 
Martin, Daniel 140 
Martin, Jonathan 140, 141, 152 
Martinez, Christine 53, 160 
Martinez, Laura 26, 177 
Matak, Bonnie 166, 167 
Mathes, Claire 59, 105 
Matthews, Jack 64, 65 
Matthews, Katie 53, 167 
Matza, Katie 1 3 
Mauldin, Nick 109 
May, Adrien 58 
May, Andrien 19 
Mayer, Tamara 32, 93, 130, 131 
McAllister, Patricia 73 
McCarty, Lauren 63, 117 
McConnel-Switzer, Rachel 142 
McConnell-Switzer, Rachel 31, 
64, 65, 66 
McCook, Taylor 88 
McCormick, David 143 
McCrad, Merwin 132 
McCrady, Merwin 127, 132, 132 
McCuller, Patrick 9, 46, 47, 102 
McDonald, Miles 152 
McGee, Dana 101, 128 
McGee, Trey 168 
McHugh, John 148, 149 
Mcintosh, Christine 10 
Mclntyre, Tate 148 
McKinney, Kirista 122 
McKinney, Krista 26, 31, 123 
McKoin, Mindy 13 
McMahen, Becca 13, 96 
McMahen, Marci 26, 46, 58, 87 
McMahen, Rebecca 40, 58, 68, , 

McManus, Emily 146 
McMillan, Callina 133 
McMurry, T.D. 97 
McSorley, Caleb 155 
Medica, Anna 40 
Mehnert, Kyle 148 
Miccoli, Cara 78, 152, 153 
Miccolli, Cara 85 
Micinski, David 152 

Micinski., David 140 

Miller, Ethan 148 

Miller, Jessica 25, 46, 47, 69, 93 

Mills, Clay 48, 100, 101 

Moehle, Mark 69, 101 

Moffett, Zach 73 

Moore, Alan 140 

Moore, Chelsea 128 

Moore, Hannah 7, 25, 68, 70, 91, 

130, 131 

Moore, Holly 128 

Moore, Vashni Sharp 156 

Morris, Bitsy 57 

Morrison, Lauren 132, 133 

Morrison, Laurne 132 

Moss, David 155 

Murphy, Bekah 70, 91 

Murphy, Eric 88, 99 

Murphy, Rebekah 111 


N/A, N/A110, 120 
Nakwaasah, Mazz 159 
Nelson, Donna 111, 128 
Nerio, Adam 21 , 49, 61 , 98, 99, 

Netherton, Jenny 69, 70, 89, 91 
Neville, Laura 90 
Nichenko, Matt 159 
Nickerson, Spencer 148 
Norman, Kendra 155 


O'Dell, Noah 97 

Odisho, Roumta 23, 35, 89 

Oliver, Ross 155 

Opiand, Alex 72, 155 

Orschel, Caitlin 122, 123 

Orschel, Catlin 19, 121, 146, 


Osborn, Andy 70 

Osteon, Ian 148 

Otto, Aaron 53, 155 

Owen, Aurora 85, 88, 155 

Owen, Cash 155 

Owens, Zachary 101 

Owens, Zakk 127 


Pahls, Taylor 29, 100 
Pasket, Scott 168, 169 

Pate, Jennifer 13, 17, 36, 41, 
58, 59, 68, 70, 82, 87, 90, 91 
Patterson, Chris 152, 153 
Patterson., Chris 141 
Pattie, Patricia 93 
Paxton, Tone 39, 41, 66 
Pena, John 155 
Penney, Holden 146, 164, 165 
Pennington, Adam 155 
Perez, David 159, 168 
Pevey, DJ 20, 40, 59 
Pittman, Matthew 155 
Poole, Robert 91, 152 
Pope, Jordan 30, 99, 142 
Popp, Nicole 88, 91 
Prater, Christopher 155 
Presswood, Abigail 132 


Queen, Melanie 58 

Rabalais, Josh 100 

Rabelais, Josh 132 

Rafferty, Michael 59, 85, 117, 


Rajo, Marco 71 

Ramirez, Robbie 148 

Ramsey, JR 59, 71, 78, 83 

Ratcliff, Marcie 108 

Rautio, Erika 146 

Rawson, Ashley 68, 73, 75, 83 

Raynes, Lauren 90, 163 

Redwood, Orrin 99 

Reed, Kelly 45, 46, 90 

Reedstrom, Kirk 127, 136 

Reeks, John 164 

Reeks, Michael 164 

Regan, Kelsey 167 

Richardson, Britany 123 

Richardson, Britney 122 

Richardson, Brittany 123 

Riggs, Bianca 122 

Riggs, Biance 26 

Rinehart, Austin 19, 118, 122, 

123, 177 

Rist, Katherine 28 

Rivers, Kate 155 

Rix, Mary Sue 33 

Roberts, Patty 50 

Robey, Colton 25, 138 
Robideaux, Joe 52 
Robideaux, Valerie 21, 29, 64, 
122, 123 

Robidueaux, Valerie 65 
Robinson, Dakota 168 
Robinson, Grace 90 
Rodriguez, Marcos 148 
Rose, Kyndal 163 
Ross, Devin 155 
Ross, Tell 168 
Ross, William "Tell" 25 
Rowe, David 8, 9, 10, 24, 39, 
49, 66, 67, 70 

Rowe, Jodi 8, 10, 35, 66, 67 
Rushing, Candace 146 


Salinas, Anthony 168 
Salvatore, Regina 167 
Sanders, Jalena 156 
Sandoval, Tara 53, 160 
Santelices, Dan 95 
Saulsbury, Spencer 68, 70 
Savage, Lauren 67 
Savage, Sarah 40, 67 
Sayad, Leah 136 
Scalisi, Ben 45 
Scalisis, Ben 122 
Scamp, A.J. 101 
Scamp, AJ 101 
Schaffert, Jeff 1 68 
Schanks, Meg 33, 117, 123 
Schlatter, Mark 19 
Schmidt, Randy 26, 46, 99 
Schneider, Marisa 52, 53, 66, 

Schnieder, Hayley 155 
Schofield, Rachel 71 
Schwab, Kenneth 67 
Schwandt, Michael 41, 64, 118, 

Schwandt, Thomas 155 
Schwant, Michael 122 
Schwertz, Thomas 155 
Scott, Josh 1 55 
Seat, John 148 
Sebeyran, Natasha 132, 133 
Sepulvado, Brandon 82 
Shamburger, Katherine 107 

Shanks, Meg 29, 88, 90, 91, 


Shepard, Cliff 168 

Shepperd, Allison 167 

Shoptaugh, Matt 164 

Simon, Jude 102, 108 

Simon, Kay 29, 131, 138 

Sims, Traivs 159 

Singleton, Shelby 150, 151 

Skrmetti, Thomas 68, 101, 103, 

106, 107 

Slazer, Emily 132 

Smith, Alex 164 

Smith, Jordan 146 

Smith, Melody 53, 160 

Smith, Ryne 155 

Smith, Tyler 7, 43 

Smoak, Jullianne 90 

Sparks, Ryan 163 

Spencer, Katie 90 

Spooner, Aimee 155 

Stanley, Lauren 146 

Starring, Daman 159 

Stevenson, Kristen 48 

Stockton and Connell, Macy 

and Anna 86 

Stockton, Macy 27, 33, 36, 64, 

65,90,91,96, 118, 123 

Stoddard, Shannon 58, 69, 72, 

90,91, 133 

Stroup, Maria 121 

Sullivan, Christopher 155 

Swartz, David 159 

Switzer, Rachel McConnell 29 


Tan, Alex 26, 86, 99 
Taylor, Dennis 29, 36 
Teauseau, Marissa 36, 45, 68, 
78,89,90,91, 123 
Templet, JJ 152 
Tennyson, Leah 29, 73, 131, 
133, 139 

Thoma, Thomas 98 
Thomas, David 21 
Thomas, Kurt 88 
Thompson, Cole 168, 169 
Tibaldo, Kayla 88, 150, 151 
Tichenor, Taylor 64 
Todd, Alex 168 

Tompkins, Michael 168 
Torrez, Marissa 16, 46, 69, 89, 

Tracey, Sierra 32, 130, 131 
Tran, Tuan 128 
Treadgill, Micah 164 
Tromblee, Stephen 168 
Trotman, Jeron 159 
Tubbs, Gary 36 
Tubner, Roman 159 
Turner, Nicole 13 
Twyman, Ashley 120, 121 


Vaughan, Benny 40 
Vaughan, Christopher 64, 65 
Vaughan, Laura 21, 23, 27, 36, 
40,64,65,67, 122, 123, 142, 
176, 177 

Vaughan, Maggie 155 
Vaughan, Michael 25, 99 
Vaughan, Mike 23 
Vaughan, Patrick 177 
Vaughn, Mike 64, 65 
Veillon, Raven 26, 29, 68 
Verbeek, Carrie 45 
Verbois, Cazes 107, 127 
Vetros, Maille28, 160 
Vetros, Mallie 53 
Vick, Garrett 45, 73 
Violet, Andrea 131 
Volentine, Matthew 99 
Vollm, Hope 138 

Wadlington, Brooke 25, 46, 47 
Wadsworth, John 128 
Walker, Eddie 9, 69 
Walker, Rennie 148, 149 
Wallace, Matthew 27, 28, 41 , 
53,58,67,68,87,98, 105 
Walter, Mary 35 
Wartelle, Thomas 23, 87, 98 
Waterman, Jack 128 
Watson, Ryan 148 
Watts, Colleen 91, 132 
Watts, Collen 132 
Weatherspoon, Mattie 146 
Weaver, Kristine 47, 69, 72, 146 
Webber, Megan 108 

Weeber, Mark 163 

Weeks, Kelly 27 

Weeks, Matt 27, 68 

Weiler, Sarah 156 

Welsh, Catherine 45 

Westerhaus, Kaitlyn 16, 71, 91, 


White, Jennifer 178, 179 

Whiting, Boone 168 

Whitis, Claire 163 

Wilhite, Saige33, 142 

Wilkens, Brittany 152, 153, 155 

Wilkes, Sarah 47 

Willaims, Jordan 40 

Williams, David 21, 27, 28, 59, 

60, 66, 85, 89, 98, 99 

Williams, Leslie 24, 46 

Williams, Tyler 163 

Willliams, David 71 

Winkle, CJ 39, 68 

Wolfe, Cody 96 

Wolfe, Sunny 96 

Womack, David 9, 13 

Wood, Andrew 38, 132 

Wright, Stephanie 53, 160 

Wyatt, Leslie 155 

Wyatt, Madeline 155 

Wygle, Mary 124, 125, 127 


Yacovissi, Nathan 27, 122, 123, 
128, 138, 177 

Young, Brittany 26, 34, 58, 63 
Young, Will 96, 97 
Youngblood, Chris 110 

Zaioga, Karolina 72 
Zawieja, Alyssa 53, 160 












I /-* -WN. 




fTrom the daij jjoii u;e;fe bo^rt 
m bm fn u/e/re a keepe/t! 

Witfc iove, fiiow Mow and ^(w/ 



K. %^ 


iffiuMMM' CRICHTOII9 1010 

Brittany Richardson, Contributing Writer 

On October 14, a group of 17 students 
and staff from Centenary College of 
Louisiana loaded two fifteen-passenger 
vans for a mission trip to the 
Conference Center at Mount Sequoyah 
in Arkansas. Led by Mission 
Coordinator, Laura Vaughan, staff 
members and students selflessly gave 
up their fall break to help the 
Conference Center with repairs and 
maintenance. During the four-day stay 
on the mountain, the mission team 
accomplished several jobs that needed 
to be done. Some of the completed 
tasks included building a ramp off of the 
laundry room, blowing leaves off the 
roofs, cleaning the gutters, and weeding 
in one of the many gardens. The team 
also helped to clean up an older cottage 
and then began the process of priming, 
sanding and painting. 

On another cottage, rotten facial boards 
were replaced with freshly painted new 
ones. The team leveled a concrete 
ramp and repaired a plaster ceiling and 
installed concrete patches in pot holes 
at the camp entrance. Vinca was 
transplanted beside a sidewalk to help 
with erosion. 

But to simply say that the only thing 
accomplished on this mission was work, 
would be an understatement, for each 
day began and ended with devotion. 
Mission encompasses much more than 
the physical, it requires a great deal of 
the spiritual and I truly believe this team 
grasped that concept. Because whether 
they were weeding out their lives in the 
garden or tearing down walls they tend 
to hide behind while cleaning the 
cottage, they were each writing a 
chapter in their lives. God's presence 
was definitely at work as the mission 
team expressed their love for Him 
through their selfless hard work. 

Bianca Riggs, Mary Guerrant, Emily Willet, Laura Martinez, Emily Willet, Hannah 
Henderson, Laura Vaughan, Katie James, Michael Schwandt, Benny Vaughan, 
Kendall Hughes, Krista McKinney, Brittany Richardson & Andrea Edgley 

jof iM-foOHAkoW aJtOuI iO\0-\\ 

CLC Sponsori^d Nissions 

1 oov^ 

aura Vaughaiit 
Religious Life Coordinator 



Nisslon Trips 

Rick DelaHaya 


Laura Vaughan, Contributing Writer 

During Mardi Grad Breal<, 15 Centenary students, faculty 
and staff went to the Bahamas, the Island of Eluthera, to 
work with Methodist Habitat. We spent the week working 
on two houses. At the first house we painted, replaced 
rotten wood and tiled a bathroom. The second house we 
worked on was a brand new Habitat House that when 
completed will replace the shack that the family lived in 
behind the house. We helped to frame up doors and 
windows and painted. 

We took a break everyday for lunch and had fun exploring 
different beaches on the island. 

Our evenings were spent with student led devotionals, a 
Christian rapper from the island who shared his message 
with us through his original songs, we spent time with the 
island children doing crafts and playing games, 
participated in a bible study at the Methodist church on the 
island and went caving yes it was dark, wet and slippery 
and someone saw a bat but it was a really cool place! 

We learned to be more patient. That we can live with less. 
We don't need our cell phones at all times to survive and 
to remember the five P's.... Prior Planning, prevents poor 
performance which can helps us in everything that we do. 


If I Should Die Before I Wake IpraytheLordmySouttckeep 

I- .u rx- r I r /- I \a/u-* 'f ' s/jouW d/e before / wake 

From the Diary of Jennifer Carol White , ' ,. , . i. . • 

' •' / proy the Lord my soul to take. 

January 3, 2009 
1 3 days before she was called from this earthly life to her eternal home in glory. 

, It's not very often I write in this diary and I'm 

J. /r^ rv \) \\l r\ U ,\ Oi \ ' Wis A >o \ » r^/"! i ^ \ U I (\ 1 . \ i . ,, rather ashamed of it. I feel like the time pe- 

riod which the Lord has allowed me to live is 

rushes by so quickly and some things you 

^C^L^ _.^Xj^.^'^ Cviic\^tizi A^Yvt Ac i-^^"^ \'^ Q^V.Arti ^^^^^ significant. The only problem is 

/i \ ■<' ' if - /I ■ ; rushes by so quickly and some things 

^-A-^^f-^J^j\A 1M WV^u ^ NObUTt^ AA. X.JJI hardly ever get around to doing. Remember, 

KkiKh^K. \ 1 ^ rx ^. • \/\ . ^ A ^ ,.^ .rs ,) ' time is a most valuable thing and we must not 

T?'^ ^-^CMVpXl'V. JJ\r^.\ CX/::V G,^ G^\X-WVC^ •^■'. ci(DM<^ God's help. Busyness rapes relationships and 

t /T ' laziness destroys all. Perhaps this will be 

added to my "New Years Resolution" list to 
make me record events more often. So many special, funny, & significant things have happened, but when I sit down to write 
(usually long after the fact), they are either forgotten or a faded memory usually. Hopefully I'll clear away some webs & be able 
to tell them. HaHa Listen to me, I sound like I'm 80 

about to kick the bucket. I promise I'm only 20. (\\r^ r - (' f \( r \\ ij 

Anyway, enough about that. I have recently been ^^^^^^ ^t) AlO AvVlIX'^ - \\(y\\(X ^%k(l\jyj -\0 iY^ 
inspired by many things, but I suppose the movie ' H c /^, . {>^, i > r ' Q A ( _i l 
saw tonite with my parents, "Australia", must have '} oO^^^^ XX^A > yW O O 0^aS\C\ -b Vl^J^ 
broken the camel's back. In short, I have been tum- wi , r u - ' "T - (]{ 

bling w/ so many emotions. Ones which I feel are ' ^- vUXaU:^ > OACXWUA'L-J^/TA ov\\Uj O-C) . 
so important. I feel like there are several roads I U 

could take, but I have the hardest time deciding 

which one. I love being busy or at least feeling like I am fulfilling my purpose. I think it's so fascinating the way people live their 
lives and the different paths they take. Some people choose a life filled w/ a career, completely focused on fulfilling a desire. 
Yet, when they grow old they are sometimes lonely because they never had the time or will to raise a family. Others, hold toi 
their family so tightly that they are terrified to leave them & end up having a strong family life (which is wonderful), but have 
hardly left a stamp at all on the world. The fact, no matter what, is that we seem to never be content w/ what we have! How 
sad! Yet, we need some ambition in us to help us climb higher. The big question is where is the balance?!? I want so desper- 
ately for the Lord to make my life the most it can possibly be whatever it may be. I want to fulfill the purpose He wanted me to 
do & I want to meet or even exceed the requirements to equal all I've been given. 'To whorr) much is given, much is required" and 
I want to meet the requirement! I want to be an artive Christian. Not someone who just prays and doesn't put feet to their 

prayers. I want to pray, know the Lord is 
^ , . \ on my side, & do all I can (w/ God's help of 

■^VNlVVN V^"^,O^J(l/\^ \S> Cl 6V>f4 -^ ^K course) to make it happen. I don't want to 

-^ 6 be an old lady and look back on the life God 

l^^^ r( ■ ^ ^ cO \\(M\i ^0<\i^Xi ^O CUVUJ^k.^ f'' ""^ * weep because it was wasted! I 

,^ X.';^ rii^AJ<JvVrCU ,X\JiJL1 ,^\\Ji dcy^C^ through each day & continuing to exist just 

\\A-43^ >^ ^ ^^^-^ • n / ^^'^^'^^^ ''"^ ^^'" breathing & wait to die! 

[i . . i r\^ M('N^W JcA , \ l\iL)vV\cM '0 .nMl Every breath is a gift & a mercy! I have 

\ \\\r.r^\^\ l^nJ^ -V lA/VD'Hlut "'"^^ '-^'**^ ^^^ spared me from it, therefore 
|jV1V^\(:>Cn (:; N>^ r -rHXNa^. \i^TvQK-\ U^ ^. Cm Hving on overtime! What Grace & 

-3 Mercy! I want to do something spectacularl 

not for man's eye to see & them give me the glory, but do something spectacular for the Kingdom ! Yet, I don't want to spend 
my whole life waiting for my chance to come & hoping I'm doing OK. As the Bible says, "all work leads to profit, but mere takor}fy 
leads to poverty." I want to be wise as Solomon & be one of the strongest. Christian women ever to live. I want to be a woman 
of prayer and use every talent & gift the Lord gave me for His glory ... to His utmost glory! I'm not asking to be acknowledged 
by men (or at least I sincerely hope that is not my hearts desire deep inside and if it is. Lord forgive me), I just want my life & 
the life of my family, friends, relatives, & all of God's created people (but esp. my dear family) to be used the most it heavenly 

possibly can be for HIS (God's) honor & glory. 

I hope the Lord shows me soon what he wants me to do or maybe I'm already on the 
-oad. Well, I suppose I already am because I know He's preparing me. I just pray I 

don't mess up. 

Have faith and be patient. 

One last thought ... I'm sure no one's life is of little meaning to God, but sometimes I 
think some people are just workers & "fillers" to help make something great. But 
then again, I suppose w/o the "nobodies" and "little guys", nothing great would ever 


With Love from Christ, \]\Aj 0<^^ ^OC^ CJ^VaA^ 

tr|TVjK>(\| (xavNj:^rvv^i or 


(AKA Mom, Grandma, or 

whatever I am to 

those who happen 

to read this). 

I sure hope I can have 

children. . . 

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, hTD tf 0Lci iVvS> ) . 

Qx^ ^>vC^s^.c s^\os\5 WA\ 5Uvcc^A. 

Jennifer Carol White 
April 21, 1 988- January 16,2009 

id Willi no reas^hable iTiidical expf ahationQ 
Jennifer died at age 20, 
fe and sound, in her own bed at honne"^' 
>n Friday morning, January 1 6, 2009, | 
Just before her alarm went off. 

I . . her heart simpfy did not fire! 
the next beat, 

u, too, are going to die.! 

To contact Jennifer's family: 

Whatever My God 
Ordains is right 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 
His holy v^/illabideth; 
l will be still whate'er He doth; 
And follow where He guideth; 
He is my God; though dark my road, 
He holds me that I shall not fall: 
Wherefore to Him I leave it all. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 

He never will deceive me; 
He leads me by the proper path: 

I know He will not leave me. 
I take, content, what He hath sent; 
His hand can turn my griefs away. 

And patiently I wait His day. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 

His loving thought attends me; 

No poison can be in the cup 

That my Physician sends me. 

My God is true; each morn anew 
I'll trust His grace unending, 
My life to Him commending. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 

He is my Friend and Father; 

He suffers naught to do me harm, 

Though many storms may gather, 

Now I may know both joy and woe, 

Some day I shall see clearly 

That He hath loved me dearly. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 

Though now this cup, in drinking. 

May bitter seem to my faint heart, 

I take it, all unshrinking. 

My God is true; each morn anew 

Sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart. 

And pain and sorrow shall depart. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right: 

Here shall my stand betaken; 

Though sorrow, need, or death be mine. 

Yet I am not forsaken. 

My Father's care is round me there; 

He holds me that I shall not fall: 

And so to Him I leave it all. 

^Written by Samuel Rodigast, 1676 



cm SSof-ivi-Ckei, ^kke-h 

■,:n.^ .*.,iv 

To \Vh<?m it W\ay Concern-. 

W/eLL, here it \5: Yoncc>p\n 2.010. In \Zeir05peci. It's complete and 5^ is my 
rein as Yoncop\n E-dit^r-in-Chief. I'd Like io say I'LL miss the aLL-nighters, the 
frantic search f^r phoio5. and Writing captions With the heLp of my [^aceb(?^k- 
sf)taLking vf)kiLLs. but it just W^uLdn't be the truth. W/hiLe I've Learned m<?re than 
I ever thought I c^uLd these past tw^ years. I am m^re than ready io pass on 
the Yoncop'm Challenge io a new E.dit^r and staff wh^ wiLL sureLy put their 
^?Wn unique spin on Centenary's yearboolc. I h^pe the Centenary Community has 
enjoyed my take on the Y^nc^pin as much as I've enjoyed creating every design 
and layout printed on the pages, and wiLL remember my wiLL to (document our 
College's history— the goo<^. the bad. and the questionable. 

'before I go. I Want to say a couple quick thank y^u's to tUose people who 
helped make the Y^nc^pin a completed product. 

prstLy. thanks again to PaVid 'd>a\cer and &^b Vukas and everyone at the 
J<?stens Printing Company. Y^u'Ve been unbeLieVabLy heLpfuL and patient 
these Last tw^ years. I came int^ this position not knowing anything ab^ut 
inPesign or yearboolcs and I cannot express my appreciation for the 
encouragement, support, and education you gave me. 

Thanks aLs^ g^es to Centenary's K/|arketing and Communications Department. 
I2,ick PeLaJJaya. Donna &arthoLomeW, and Cherry JJefLin once again came 
through with their amazing photos and readily aVaiLabLe press reLeases. Y<?u 
made my job easier and my product better. Thanks for being good at what you 

pnaLLy. speciaL thanks to Laura Vaughan, Centenary's AthLetics Department. 
ALumnus Leah i)ayad. and Centenary Parent iCaren \vea\/er for sharing their 
photos with the Yoncopin. Your generosity Was. and continues to be. 

In the end, I often feLt Like The LittLe R,ed jJen around here, but am gratefuL 
to aLL my chicks. I hope you enjoy the bread knowing you heLped! K/jay 
Centenary continue to change for the better and the Yoncopin bring smiLes to 
Centenary faces as We aLL Look back In Rjstrospect. 

with aLL my bLood. sweat, 6 tears. 

y\\c\\eV\,e Jun^t 


.'. .^ ■'■:■:■ 

/i>''*;'' '.y^', 

•' -VJ 



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